Assistant/Associate Dean of Students/Director of Community Values and Conflict Resolution

Apr 09, 2017
Executive Administration Jobs
C-Level & Executive Directors, Deans
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Basic Functions: Lead a team of professional staff appointed to serve as conduct educators, supervise a supportive operating staff member responsible for office management, coach student staff and volunteers to support and facilitate community engagement. Cultivate a vision for the department that resonates with a fully residential student population and implement strategies to achieve that vision in partnership with campus constituencies. Develop a new, vibrant model for the student conduct program that will embrace restorative practice as a key element within the program.

Essential Job Functions: * Oversee all matters related to the functioning of the non-academic campus judicial system, the maintenance of conduct records, management of corporate partner relationships and contracted conduct system (Symplicity), and compliance with FERPA and relevant laws and regulations. * Serve as a respected and credible voice on campus while promoting community values and educating about student rights and responsibilities. * Evaluate and assess the current conduct model to design a new, uniquely Denison program that is mission fit and is responsive to the strategic plan of the institution. * Work effectively with the campus community to develop, maintain, and publicize a Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities. * Provide guidance to staff on federal, state and local regulations that affect the conduct program. * Lead the student conduct program by exhibiting a daily commitment to student learning and success. * Manage the conduct processes efficiently and competently, with attention to details and timely response. * Provide training and on-going education to peer mediators, restorative justice facilitators, conduct board and appeals board members. * Support the work of the Dean of Students in response to student matters as needed, including leadership on the Student Care and Behavior Intervention team. * Supervise an administrative support staff member and other staff as assigned. * Collaborate with campus colleagues in Residential Communities to advance a new residential curriculum rooted in Denison's mission, community values, leadership principles, civic engagement, creative problem solving and elements of personal and academic wellbeing. * Provide formative oversight and support to staff involved as conduct educators. * Engage proactively with paraprofessional staff and students to build vibrant programs that offer preventative and responsive solutions, employing innovative ideas and approaches to this important work. * Evaluate and assess programs, services and curricula to match the mission of the college, vision of the office and learning objectives. * Maintain high visibility and engagement with the student body and campus community at university events. * Work effectively with a culturally diverse population of students. * Work collaboratively across the college on major projects, task force and committees; chair committees and working groups. * Maintain a thorough understanding of the current best practices in the field of student development and an awareness of emerging issues in higher education, student conduct, community building, and student learning. * Build strong, collaborative relationships with campus partners, students, faculty/staff and families; and communicate regularly with these partners. * Employ appreciative advising and positive psychology in communication and interactions with students, colleagues and other constituencies. * Participate with the professional on-call rotations for the University. Manage crisis situations; provide on call response and report concerns. * Facilitate conduct and other educational meetings with students; encourage conflict resolution through various means and counsel and refer students as appropriate. * Employ exceptional interpersonal skills and exercise a high degree of diplomacy and discretion. * Strong collaborative energy, demonstrated capacity as a fair and respectful leader, and proven ability to provide effective guidance to other professional, support, and student staff. * Oversee and evaluate office budget and processes. * Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications: An earned Master's degree in College Student Personnel, Higher Education Administration or other related advanced degree. Minimum of three years' professional experience in Higher Education/Student Affairs with key responsibilities centering on student conduct education. Excellent interpersonal communication skills and strong administrative skills. Able to work independently, yet collaboratively; strong problem-solving and facilitation skills; and possess computer skills (word processing and database management). Ability to accommodate extended work hours, including evening and weekend work hours. Must have a current, valid driver's license and must be insurable under Denison's liability insurance policy.

Preferred Qualifications: Substantive knowledge of higher education law and an understanding of traditional-aged college students in a residential, liberal arts environment. Competencies: * Integrity, sound judgment, and the ability to make difficult decisions. * Demonstrated problem-solving abilities, especially in cases requiring quick action and resolution. * Competent in fulfilling administrative duties and managing systems. * Relational leader with exceptional interpersonal skills, clarity of thought and professional poise. * Ability to manage multiple projects and initiatives at once; ability to take direction and initiative; ability to delegate effectively to teammates. * Collaboratively focused professional with demonstrated capacity as a fair and respectful leader, and proven ability to provide effective guidance to others. * Strong desire to build relationships with students, colleagues, and college partners. * Communicate effectively orally and in writing, including the ability to engage in one-on-one and in public forum.

Salary: Competitive