Student Success & Support Program (3SP) Counseling & Student Learning*

Modesto, California
$55,384 to $103,694 per year, plus an annual $2,374 stipend for an earned doctorate.
Apr 07, 2017
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Student Affairs, Counseling
Position Type
Tenured & Tenure-Track
Institution Type
Community College

Modesto Junior College


Student Success & Support Program (3SP) Counseling & Student Learning*

Full-Time Tenure Track 2017-2018

Salary: Salary Range:

Placement on the Yosemite Community College District salary schedule dependent upon education and experience. 2015-16 Salary Schedule – $55,384 to $103,694 per year, plus an annual $2,374 stipend for an earned doctorate. New personnel limited to a maximum tenth step initial placement based on previous experience – maximum equals $80,856.

*This is a categorically funded position. Continued employment in this position is dependent upon funding.

Deadline: 05/08/2017


Complete job description and application available online at:


Required Quals Summary    

Master’s in counseling, rehabilitation counseling, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, guidance counseling, educational counseling, social work, or career development, marriage and family therapy, or marriage, family and child counseling, OR the equivalent; AND Knowledge of and ability to appraise the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic back-grounds of community college students. Sensitivity to the needs, problems and challenges associated with the diversity of the community college student population. (Note: A bachelor’s degree in one of the above listed degrees and a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) is an alternative qualification for this discipline, pursuant to Title 5, Section 53410.1)


Job Description Summary    

This general counseling position with a student success emphasis will be assigned to specifically assist the Counseling Department and the college in meeting the requirements of the Student Success and Support Program mandated services. Provides an array of counseling services to a diverse, multicultural student population. Counselor will primarily work with current and prospective students providing services related to student success and the development of student educational plans. The counseling responsibilities for this position may also include teaching assignments. Assignment works a flexible schedule which may include a varied time of the day or evening; a varied Monday through Saturday schedule; a summer schedule; and event, field trip, tour or other travel.


Job Duties and Responsibilities:

• Takes a Counseling leadership role in all 3SP activities including assistance in development, implementation and evaluation /review of the College’s 3SP Plan.

• Teach, counsel and advise students in a variety of formats including instruction (online and in the classroom), individually (appointments, drop-in, and quick question), groups (workshops and advising sessions), events, and other retention/outreach activities.

• Teach students educational planning concepts and help them to create an individualized Educational Plan.

• Develop and deliver high quality outreach, student success and educational planning strategies, activities, materials, and resources for the program/service area. 

• Monitor, support, and encourage struggling students during the academic and/or progress probation process. 

• Monitor, support, and encourage students with stresses related to their academics or personal lives.

• Refer students to appropriate academic support, student support, and educational services on and off-campus including mental health (therapeutic) counseling as needed.

• Provides guidance, assistance, formal in-service training, and coordination to 3SP related staff.

• Perform specialized work duties as necessary during registration periods.

• Use available and current technologies.

• Maintain effective working relations with all areas of the college and community agency personnel involved in the provision of these services.

• Participation in department and college-wide committees is expected.

• Participates in and implements departmental and college program reviews.

• Perform other duties as assigned.

• Assignment will include summer hours and weekend and/or evening hours.


Preferred Qualifications    

In addition to being well qualified to be a Counselor and teach in their respective disciplines, it is desirable that Counseling faculty have additional abilities and interests in contributing to other professional pursuits at the College, such as: Counseling and instructional innovation, new program development, student success initiatives, and community or high school outreach;

• Knowledge and ability related to the technical aspects of providing online services within a two-year college counseling function;

• Experience as a Counselor in higher education, preferably at a community college;

• Ability to serve as a leader to highly trained and experienced classified staff;

• Commitment to maintain currency in the discipline, and use of advanced technology and social media as a teaching and counseling tool; 

• Strong commitment to professional growth and development, and to the continued innovation and improvement of successful counseling, teaching and student support;

• Ability to work effectively with computers and other forms of advanced technology utilized in providing high quality counseling and instruction including the understanding and successful use of learning technology, and experience with online teaching and pedagogy;

• Willingness to facilitate and encourage students’ success by working to develop multidisciplinary, varied and innovative academic learning environments;

• Ability and willingness to teach a wide range of classes as schedules and institutional commitments require;

• Ability to communicate professionally and clearly with students and staff, both orally and in writing;

• Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with on-campus groups (including students, faculty, administrators and staff), as well as, off-campus community and educational partners;

• Demonstrated sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse academic, socio-economic, cultural, ethnic and disability backgrounds of community college students;

• Understanding of the comprehensive nature of a general counselor at a community college;

• Awareness and commitment to the philosophy and objectives of the California Community College and the Student Success Act mandates;

• Commitment to supportive relations with students, which includes sensitivity to the needs and problems of a diverse, multicultural student population;

• Highly developed counseling skills, which enable one to comfortably deal with a variety of personal issues without reflecting personal bias;

• Highly developed interpersonal skills;

• Willingness to use available technologies and assessment instruments with the ability to provide effective interpretation to students;

• Knowledge of career counseling; concepts, issues and resources;


Desirable Characteristics    

Work as a member of a multidisciplinary team with all staff, create innovations in counseling, teaching and learning methods, and work to provide an environment for students to be engaged partners in learning, personal development, and academic success;

• Ability to develop curriculum or services that stress innovation and multicultural emphasis;

• Enthusiasm for the learning process;

• Commitment to supportive relationships with students;

• Willingness to experiment with counseling and teaching methods to accommodate various student learning styles;

• Participate in professional growth and remain current in subject area, and educational initiatives and trends;

• Ability to operate effectively in an environment of change and ambiguity;

• Vision and energy to plan and organize programs to enhance student success;

• Willingness to participate effectively in shared governance; and

• Personal qualifications such as: effective interpersonal communication skills, participation in community affairs, and ability to conduct effective public presentations.


Desirable Professional Abilities

• Commitment as a team player, including the ability to engage in cooperative problem solving;

• Success at initiating, executing and following up on projects, including the ability to set specific objectives and measure achieved results;

• A positive attitude, including the ability to foster collegiality;

• Flexibility, including the acceptance of and willingness to change;

• Open-mindedness, including fairness and the ability to see multiple perspectives;

• The willingness to take risks and be innovative;

• A willingness to see complex tasks through to completion; and

• The willingness to accept responsibility for professional 

and personal growth.


YCCD is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

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