Marketing and Sales - Get Experience - Entry Level

Coast, Incorporated
Chicago, IL
Apr 07, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

We are looking to fill an entry level position in our sales and marketing department. We prefer a candidate with little to no experience to start in an entry level position, in order to be trained and developed further in the company.

Once trained, this person will be responsible for the training and development of new employees, as well as recruiting, talent scouting, and attending leadership meetings in order to sharpen their management skills. Employees who put in extra work will be able to advance more quickly.

The position involves:
  • Daily leadership training (public speaking, team management, organization)
  • Training in Recruiting, Interviewing, and Talent Scouting
  • Daily sales and marketing training to stay current with trends
  • Consultations with consumers and small to medium size business owners in regards to their energy and entertainment needs.
  • Daily training and coaching on the in human resources, team management, and administration

Why Us?:
  • Ability to move into a position with a flexible work schedule
  • Competitive bonuses and advancement opportunities
  • Fun, fast paced environment with like-minded colleagues
  • Management personally provides sales and marketing training
  • Management gives additional training in human resources and finance
  • Develop skills in all aspects of business management

I like how management is hands on in teaching even the newest employees. Because of their experience in starting at an entry level position, they are able to give me a firsthand perspective on how I can grow in my career here. - John R.

Job Requirements (Must meet at least half to be considered)
  • Strong work ethic
  • Positive/Friendly
  • Competitive Nature
  • Some Leadership Experience
  • Ambitious/Driven
  • Organizational skills

Company Description
Coast Incorporated is located in Lombard, IL. It was founded in 2010 in response to the growing sales and marketing industry. Although there are many sales marketing companies across the country, Coast Inc focuses the majority of its efforts on the development of the employees in the company. When people are happy and growing in their career, the results will come.

Each employee has the opportunity to get personalized training in various areas of business, including, but not limited to leadership development, planning and scheduling, sales and marketing, organizational skills, strategic management, public speaking, and team management.

Through a mentor program, each employee is able to learn, grow, and develop into the individual and professional that they aspire to be. With the growth of the clients that we represent, there is ever growing opportunity for advancement within the company for driven individuals.

Chicago, IL


Thu, 6 Apr 2017 08:41:41 PDT