Apr 07, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary The Assistant Safety and Compliance Officer (ASCO) position involves knowledge of radiation safety and compliance experience. Job position reports to the Senior Safety and Compliance Officer and requires leadership to executive assigned programs with intermittent supervision. Position resides within The Office of Research Safety (ORS) covering cross-disciplinary EH&S professions with primary focus in chemical/ laboratory safety, radiation/ laser safety, and emergency response. The position requires a bachelor's degree, solid EH&S knowledge, radiation safety experience, and skills within specific programmatic area(s) with appropriate professional and/or technical certifications highly desirable. The Assistant Safety and Compliance Officer must maintain a high degree of professionalism and integrity in representing the University and model a culture of safety. The ASCO is a liaison and point-of-contact within Research Safety for campus departments, including areas such as research, clinical, academic, athletic, and support services. The job position is responsible for providing comprehensive health, safety, and/or compliance services and assisting in the University goal of a safe, healthy, and compliant workplace/academic environment. He/She would be a front-line advisor involved with developing engagement insights and helping to drive and achieve client-service program goals as assigned by management. Job requires the ability to identify critical information, develop analysis, share information, and assist team members with recommendations and assessments related to the engagement issues. After-hours and Holiday On-Call rotation participation, respirator/personal protective equipment usage and spill response remediation is a job requirement. The ASCO does not have employee direct reports but has a leadership role within assigned ORS programs and support teams. The ASCO involves hands-on and administrative activities such as: the receipt, processing, and maintenance of health, safety and compliance protocols; advising faculty, staff, students and researchers regarding safety and compliance issues; and safety and compliance documentation, communication and emergency spill response. The ASCO will handle a case load of safety and/or compliance related tasks of a complex nature with the aid provided by the immediate supervisor. Other responsibilities include actively promoting and managing specific aspects of safety and compliance, providing assistance to faculty, staff, and students, and interpreting basic to complex agency policies and regulations, guidelines, and standards. Minimum Qualifications Completion of a Bachelor's degree with demonstrated technical mastery and at least 2 years of experience in a safety and compliance office, with progressively increasing responsibility, preferably in an educational institution; or any equivalent combination of education and experience. Complete understanding of federal and state laws and regulations as well as nationally accepted standards, guidelines, and other related conventions on safety and compliance Ability to respond to critical safety and compliance situations appropriately in academic, research, and clinical settings. Must possess the ability to prepare clear, accurate, and informative reports containing findings, conclusions, and recommendations along with superior oral presentation and other communication skills. Must have outstanding human relations and leadership skill and the ability to function in a team environment. Must be able to work independently, with intermittent supervision on multiple simultaneous projects. Professional and/or technical certification for the applicable specialty is highly preferable.