Writing Center Coordinator & Assistant Professor

Chicago, Illinois
Apr 03, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Organizational Relationship: The writing coordinator position is a faculty appointment at the assistant professor level; the coordinator reports to the University Dean.  This position is an 11-month appointment.

Summary: This position is responsible for designing, implementing, and coordinating writing programs and services for the students of North Park University and for representing North Park in community-oriented projects.  This involves working with the GE committee to review and design the campus writing programs and conducting faculty development for the WAC/WID program.



  • Contribute to a comprehensive undergraduate writing program by
  • collaborating with the Writing Center Manager in evaluating the writing competency of new undergraduate students.
  • directing the writing instruction component of the North Park general education writing program, in conjunction with the GE and ARCH Directors
  • recruiting, selecting, training, and supervising approximately 50 undergraduate writing advisors
  • teaching or facilitating courses designed to prepare writing advisors
  • developing periodic continuing education and business-related general meetings of the Writing Center, in collaboration with the Writing Center Manager
  • developing and monitoring the Writing Center’s budget and expenditures
  • coordinating the student leadership team, in collaboration with the Writing Center Manager
  • composing and responding in a timely manner to requests for recommendations (job, promotion, grad school)
  • serving on the GE committee
  • hiring/supervising the Writing Center Manager
  • consulting with CPS and Admissions representatives on CPS-related workshops and summer camp, including hiring and supervising a shared summer intern as needed 
  • working with administrators and WA’s to continue developing and improving upon current services
  • coordinating services with Student Support Services, including planning for, hiring for, and contributing to the COMPASS program and potential similar future programs
  • Contribute to a comprehensive graduate and continuing education writing assistance program by
  • recruiting and managing instructors and coaches for the graduate and continuing writing support efforts.
  • evaluating the writing competency of graduate students
  • consulting on the writing components of graduate programs, especially in the School of Nursing, especially on faculty development
  • developing and administrating a viable program of on-line face-to-face coaching which could also be used for other professionally active, adult students
  • Design and coordinate a faculty development series on teaching and evaluating writing in the classroom.
  • Manage and coordinate the course offerings of Fundamentals of Composition and College Composition, including hiring adjuncts.
  • Manage and contribute to the effective use of resources for the Writing Center.
  • Establish and maintain a network of professional associations and activities (IWCA, MWCA, CWCA, etc.).
  • Support the mission and goals of the University, the General Education Program, and the College of Arts and Science by assuming other reasonable responsibilities as assigned by the University president, the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Academic Dean, or the Director of the Dialogue Program.
  • Teach two sections of WRIT 2100 (one an overload) and two sections of Cornerstone or WI or WRIT 1000 classes. [Depending on who the Writing Center Manager might be, the two sections of WRIT 2100 could possibly be shared between the Coordinator and the director, or team-taught.]



  • Advanced work leading to ABD or doctorate or terminal degree in English, composition/rhetoric, education, or a related field
  • Two to five years of direct experience in writing instruction and learning assistance at a college, university, or other institution of higher education
  • Experience in a Writing Center, or working with Writing Consultants
  • A knowledge of issues related to the writing skills and problems of post­secondary students and an understanding of accepted testing and assessment practices in American higher education
  • A personal commitment to, and appreciation of, the Christian mission of North Park University
  • Sensitivity to multicultural and gender issues and support for diverse and underrepresented populations
  • A developmental understanding of post-secondary students and a desire to facilitate and encourage this development in a supportive and service-oriented environment
  • The ability to effectively communicate with students, administrators, faculty and staff members, and outside constituencies
  • The ability to effectively coordinate many overlapping tasks

Interested applicants should review the North Park Faculty Application and the job description for the position, and submit a letter of intent, current vita, and copies of transcripts to:

Dr. Liza Ann Acosta

Dean of University

3225 W. Foster Ave. Box 11

Chicago, IL 60625

Or to lacosta@northpark.edu


WAC = Writing Across the Curriculum, WID = Writing in the Disciplines.  Both terms are recognized in writing programs generally, and many schools, like NPU, combine the two.

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