E-commerce Coordinator

Shoe Palace Corporate
Morgan Hill, CA
Mar 31, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

You will be responsible for creating and managing the product and marketing data for the Shoe Palace retail website. This includes culling and merging data from various sources including team members, creating and editing and expanding data where necessary, managing and ensuring consistency, and being part of the team identifying data opportunities and needs.

Day-to-day activities include using in-house software/tools to transfer, obtain, or process data. You will use systems to publish the data while ensuring the data is properly prepared. You will check your work and validate the customer experience. By proving your ability to effectively and progressively increase the speed, quality, and comlpexity of the data, you can grow to manage or train others. You will coordinate with the team's developers to create tools to help you manage the data more efficiently.

Data includes a wide variety of images, descriptions, parametric data, blog content, and so forth. Shoe Palace is a highly-driven, family-owned business, and you will get the opportunity to work some of the best talent and products in the industry.

Required Skills:

* Extremely Organized and Detail-Oriented
* Passionate and Driven to Standards of Excellence
* Ability to Solve Problems and Constantly Innovate
* Solid Proficiency with Microsoft Windows and with Microsoft Excel
* Demonstrated Clear and Organized Writing
* Touch Typing
* Adept at Working Both Independently and as Part of a Small Team

Differentiating Skills:

* Sneaker or Athletic Footwear/Apparel Enthusiast
* Prior Retail Sales Experience in Footwear/Apparel
* Marketing and Sales Degree or Goals
* Experience Handling Large Amounts of Data
* Experience with Textual Data and Image File Formats
* Familiarity with Technologies such as FTP, Regular Expressions, and/or Unix/Linux

Company Description
We are seeking self-motivated individuals who are dynamic thinkers and outstanding communicators who will thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and want to grow with Shoe Palace Corporation. Our team members are bright, professional, enthusiastic, and able to quickly apply their skills to diverse situations.

Morgan Hill, CA


Thu, 30 Mar 2017 12:52:18 PDT