Coordinator of Student and Community Advocacy - Residence Life & Housing

Newark, DE
Mar 28, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

University of Delaware

Job Title Coordinator of Student and Community Advocacy - Residence Life & Housing
Job ID 104450
Location Newark, DE

Pay Grade: 29E

Deadline: Open until Filled

Context of the Job:

Working under the general direction of the Assistant Director for Student and Community Advocacy, the Coordinator for Student and Community Advocacy enhances the on-campus living experience and provides leadership to staff and student leaders to develop residence hall communities that are safe, secure, and where students have the opportunity to consider their impact on their community. The Coordinator for Student and Community Advocacy provides leadership to the residence hall staff through the innovative design and development of trainings and new opportunities for professional and student staff. Through these trainings and opportunities, staff can help support residence hall students in crisis and experiencing conflict, assume their responsibilities as community members, and recognize their potential for impact on others.

The Coordinator for Student and Community Advocacy will utilize expertise to advocate for residence hall students and communities by supporting and assisting department leadership and in-hall staff to best address student behavior concerns, crises, and mental health issues. The Coordinator for Student and Community Advocacy develops processes, protocols, and individualized instruction for in-hall professional staff to provide on-going support to students experiencing low and mid-level crises and conflicts. Additionally, the Coordinator assesses Residence Hall regulations, policies, and practices that support the development of strong communities and successful students. The Coordinator designs effective associated communications, and aids in-hall staff with individual and community response and development in the event of student behavior concerns. The Coordinator for Student and Community Advocacy will contribute to safety education in the hall by designing relevant initiatives based on trend analysis and assessment and partnership with other University offices. This education will address concerns surrounding alcohol and other drug use on campus, highlighting resources contributing to student safety, and addressing any relevant trends that emerge.

The Coordinator for Student and Community Advocacy actively strives to create an educational environment in which students are involved in their community, recognize their impact, and have opportunities to reflect on their decision-making process.

Major Responsibilities:

Case Management
  • Manage on-going support efforts and records of nearly 1000 annual student issues related to mid-level mental health, interpersonal, and roommate conflict incidents and determine in-hall support and follow up.

  • Develop follow-up and documentation protocol for low and mid-level on-going student conflict and mental health concerns. Hold professional staff members accountable for implementation of protocol and continued follow-up documentation.
  • Create and implement strategies for managing on-going roommate conflicts to be carried out by in-hall staff.
  • Consult with Assistant Director for Student and Community Advocacy to determine if higher level intervention is necessary by Assistant Director for Residential Education or from outside of Residence Life & Housing and coordinate transfer of high level cases to AD, the Dean of Students Office, Student Behavior Consultation Team, or other University partner. Continue to instruct and inform in-hall staff regarding case status and needed in-hall support.
  • Design and support a peer mediation program to be utilized for roommate and community level conflict, including recruitment, training, and in-hall implementation of peer mediators.
  • Maintain current knowledge base surrounding mental health to align training and support with national best practices.
  • Develop training and philosophy regarding roommate mediations and community conflict to be carried out during July and August professional and Resident Assistant trainings and on an on-going basis, as needed.

Student Behavior
  • Identify student behavior trends annually and design advanced training and development for in-hall staff members to respond to evolving needs and/or adjustment of policy and practice.
  • Oversee and direct the Residence Hall Regulation (RHR) System including the development and implementation of processes for enforcement and developmental sanctioning; policy revision, housing inspections, and removal of prohibited items. Establish and oversee process for RHR case management, adjudication, and record keeping. Assess relevance of current policies and update annually. Coordinate on-going RHR training for Residence Hall Coordinators.
  • Coordinate annual updating of the department staff manual. Provide process and procedure updates to instruct student staff on various aspects of their role related to student behavior.
  • Coordinate annual updating of the Residence Hall Regulation website to ensure students are aware of the purpose of policies and their obligations when living in the residence halls.
  • Create on-going staff recognition related to student behavior management and conduct response.
  • Provide direction to all Residence Hall Coordinators in responding to Residence Hall Regulation violations and track the accomplishment of required processes by professional staff.
  • Develop alternate online style restorative modules to be utilized in low level first offense Residence Hall Regulation administration and track student completion and assess learning and retention of material.
  • Develop on-line and in-person educational modules focused on students' rights, responsibilities, and bystander intervention approaches.
  • Oversee the Community Standards Committee which designs and implements educational initiatives that develop, review, and market policies and expectations regarding student behavior and community standards within the residence halls.
  • Assist with the creation of first floor meeting agenda and initial building meeting agenda to ensure messages are communicated that educate students on the rights and responsibilities of community membership.
  • Create training and development for professional and student staff on accountability and student behavior response to help students understand their rights and responsibilities as good citizens.
  • Develop educationally effective reflection prompts and opportunities for students who violate policy in the residence halls.
  • Create mechanisms for professional in-hall staff to address community concerns related to student behavior and community climate.
  • Assist in the coordination of case adjudication or other points of connection between Residence Life & Housing and the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Analyze student conduct trends and present findings to be used by in-hall professionals as a supervisory tool.

Student Safety and Security
  • Coordinate health and safety room checks at break periods and work with communication specialist to promote residence hall policies prior to break periods.
  • Chair the Residence Life & Housing Community Wellness and Safety Committee, composed of professional and student staff. Oversee the implementation of SafetyFest, an annual fair to highlight partners on campus that offer safety resources to residence hall students.
  • Promote safe and secure residence halls through a variety of promotional programs and student engagement initiatives, respond to student and parent concerns, and annually review policies and procedures. Respond to student safety trends through a variety of initiatives. Develop training workshops for staff and various student leadership groups within the residence halls. Develop annual safety report and presentation to RSA.
  • Serve as a standing committee member on the unit Environmental Health and Safety Committee.
  • Design alcohol and drug education efforts for residence hall students. Maintain a current awareness of best-practices in the field related to risk and harm reduction and propose changes to improve departmental efforts. Partner with the Office of Student Wellness and Health Promotions on campus initiatives. Chair unit's Drug and Alcohol Committee and develop means to involve and engage students to address alcohol and related concerns. Develop a peer alcohol education program. Serve on University committees that address alcohol use.
  • Design annual assessment tools to broadly analyze and to respond to student needs, chronic concerns, and challenges within the residence hall specifically addressing alcohol perspectives, sense of safety, residential conduct process, peer accountability, and community belonging.

Administrative Responsibilities
  • Coordinate approvals for service and assisted living puppies in training. Develop policies and procedures, meet with officers and members of the three Registered Student Organizations focused on puppy raising, and convey approval information to residential and Facilities Services staff.
  • Assist in the administration of programmatic and office administrative budgets of over $15,000 annually.
  • Assume roles within the Office of Residence Life & Housing Strategic plan committees and multiple department-wide committees in member or chair role.
  • Represent the unit on division and university-wide committees involving student behavior trends, development, and adjudication.
  • Actively contribute to monthly department-wide meetings, semi-annual assessment retreats, and annual department retreats to continuously improve the residence hall living and learning climate.
  • Participate in department, division, and institution professional development and growth opportunities in order to maintain current knowledge of student development and student learning research, theory, and practice that best serve the needs of students. Develop scholar-practitioner practices to create and share knowledge with colleagues.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

  • Master's Degree and two years' experience working with college students.
  • Familiarity with college student learning and development theories.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of restorative justice principles and best practices surrounding student conduct.
  • Experience with policy education and adjudication.
  • Effective interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills.
  • Knowledge of assessment and trend analysis principles.
  • Ability to understand university environmental sustainability initiatives preferred.
  • Ability to hold others accountable in a functional supervisory role.
  • Ability to foster a cooperative work environment.
  • Ability to interpret, adapt, and apply guidelines and procedures.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and effectively prioritize among

How To Apply

When applying please submit a one-page cover letter and your resume as one document. Also, please remember to provide names, addresses and telephone number of at least three references in the online application.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The University of Delaware is an Equal Opportunity Employer which encourages applications from Minority Group Members, Women, Individuals with Disabilities and Veterans. The University's Notice of Non-Discrimination can be found at


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