Mar 28, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary This is a professional position that reports to a faculty member and/or administrative staff, and is responsible for the performance and management of field and/or laboratory tasks associated with the Institute's marine and environmental research, working with little to no supervision. Utilizes solid foundation in basic laboratory techniques and experience with techniques associated with a specific research area within the broader context of Institute research. Manages, maintains and trains users on a broad suite of shared-use laboratory equipment. Performs routine time-series sampling to support Institute goals. Publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts as sole author and in collaboration with others. Work requires use of scientific methods, procedures, and techniques gained through previous training and experience. Uses basic understanding of theory behind experiments and applies basic analytical skills to implement assigned projects, and to identify and trouble shoot situations needing special attention. Exercises managerial or professional judgment and assumes complete responsibility for decisions, consequences, and results. Engages in regular and continuous decision making having an impact on aspects of research performed. Minimum Qualifications Master's degree and some experience or equivalent combination of Bachelor's degree plus experience and skills required. Area-specific certification and/or training may be required and other training will be provided as appropriate.