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ValleyExpetec, Inc.
Visalia, CA
Mar 24, 2017
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Job Description

We are calling in reinforcements! If you are a technician who is ready to work at a company that is growing really fast and is bursting at the seams with work and opportunities, then buckle up!

Why we will want to hire you:
- You have experience -- If you are certified out of your mind and can revamp a network blindfolded, then keep reading. But, if you know your way around fixing mid-level issues and are a quick learner, then you can keep reading as well.
- You are an information sponge -- You will work on a ridiculous amount of different systems/networks/programs/whatever so you will need to be ready and fired up to learn. If you think you are the next big thing in IT then close this tab out and go to the next job posting you opened up.
- You have a good sense of humor -- Seriously, no one likes someone who can't take a joke. Lighten up already, geez.
- You have thick skin -- We can sit here and tell you that working here is all roses and dandelions and that we feed you cupcakes* when times are tough, but the reality is this: IT can be stressful. You will mess up, you will feel like dirt, but you'll learn from it and in the end there will be much rejoicing.

What you will be doing:
- You can expect to be in the office working on tickets, training, collaborating with other techs, and generally having a good time.
- You can also expect the first bullet point to go right out the window and instead you'll be on-site resurrecting a client's network while the whole world falls apart.
- You'll troubleshoot PCs, Macs, printers (lol, get used to this one), network equipment, yadda, yadda, yadda, you get the picture.
- You'll be corresponding with clients in person, via phone and email, and through holograms (someday) in a professional manner. But, don't be stuffy or act like a robot; you are a human being, act like one.

Why you'll want us to hire you:
- The people are awesome.
- We do a bunch of fun stuff outside of work i.e. paintballing, driving stock cars, seeing movies, having free lunches, and other company sponsored events that are to be determined and will most certainly be awesome.
- You'll learn a ton.
- Our office is pretty neat.
- Benefits (health insurance, vision, dental, paid time off, paid holidays, free food, candy, etc)
- You won't be another cog in a corporate machine, man.

To apply:
Send us your resume and a cover letter that includes who your favorite movie star is and why. We really only care about the movie star part because it shows you read the entire post and are paying attention. You MUST include this part to even be considered.

Salary is determined by your experience, skill level, and how awesome you are! No we don't pay 1 million a year to start, but at least we got your attention! Realiscally the sky really is the limit for the most awesome tech however!
*We actually do have cupcakes from time to time.

Company Description
Since 1994 ValleyExpetec have used our unique approach to help businesses get the most out of their technology investment. That's more than two decades of top flight IT support - and in this business, that's a lifetime!

ValleyExpetec is a member of one of the largest, most innovative, Managed Service Providers in the World! We are constantly innovating and have very unique solutions in our Solution Stack that allows us to nearly double in size each and every year!

Good to Great! We don't stop at just getting through with day to day operations, we want to build our Company and would love for you to be part of it!

Weekly 'Team Building' paid lunches.
Seminars/Webinars/Workshops, IT Conferences and Expo's
Unlimited Growth Opportunities! Certifications... You Pass = We Pay!
Company Retreats
Most importantly, we love our Team Members like family and would love the opportunity to add you to our Team!

Visalia, CA


Thu, 23 Mar 2017 20:45:02 PDT