FT Technical Specialist - Networking Specialist (Regular)

Mar 21, 2017
Institution Type
Community College

Job Type: Full Time

Salary Range:

Preferred Qualifications: In-depth knowledge of Cisco network hardware, software and applications, TCP/IP, Ethernet, UNIX and Firewalls, TDM and IP Telephony is desirable.

Minimum Qualifications: An Associate's Degree in Technology or equivalent experience and training in a computer, network, or VoIP related field. (If you have a Degree, please attach your transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable) under "Documents needed to Apply" in the Application.)

Responsibilities: Provide leadership and direction in the use of data communications to provide college-wide support of communication needs. Plan, design and manage the campus-wide fiber, copper and wireless physical communication infrastructure. Administer and monitor network operations to maintain high availability of converged voice and data network resources to the college community. Essential Duties: Work with Senior Network Administrator to design, and install future expansion of all voice and data communication services for the college Work with Senior Network Administrator to make recommendations/arrangements for the accomplishment of needed changes to fulfill college goals. Manage and monitor all data and voice networking hardware (hubs, switches and routers) for the College's WAN/MAN/LAN, this includes the servers and software for the VoIP telephony scheme. Monitor network security to eliminate or lessen the impact of misuse and abuse of network systems and information. Investigate reports of suspected abuse or policy violations. Administer the College's Internet support systems (DNS, Firewall, Packet Shaper, and Mail Gateway). Troubleshoot and maintain converged network connectivity. Monitor industry sites and publications for needed patches, releases, viruses, and potential problem identification. Administer the IP address structure of the college (static and DHCP). Oversee and/or implement changes to the cable infrastructure of the college. Maintain the cable records databases. Promote and support ITS divisional goals and initiatives. Perform other duties as assigned, including backup support for other team members. Core Competencies: * Organizes and expresses ideas clearly * Communicates assertively * Tailors communication to the level and experience of the audience * Listens actively * Is timely with information * Solicits the input of the appropriate people to improve the quality and timing of decisions * Understands and supports the need for change * Finds common ground and resolves disputes equitably * Builds cooperation between College departments and work groups towards a shared vision * Open to new ideas, perspectives, structures, strategies or positions * Uses resources effectively and efficiently * Manages expenses within approved budget * Continually seeks and explores opportunities for savings and efficiencies * Ensures that resources, time and attention are allocated in proportion to business priorities * Makes hiring decisions based on qualifications, fit, and competency * Champions the team within the organization * Models and encourages others to work as a team * Gives and seeks performance feedback * Fulfills commitments to others * Dedicated to continuous improvement * Assigns and utilizes resources (people and financial) effectively * Breaks down projects into manageable component parts * Effectively prioritizes work * Ensures that College policies, procedures and practices are followed * Allows others to make mistakes and take reasonable risks to learn and grow * Treat direct reports equitably * Attentive to direct report's lives and is accessible to employees * Maintains confidentiality * Builds effective partnership relationships with vendors * Ability to inspire confidence and trust in college system users * Coach, mentor, motivate and develop employees * Ability to manage people with a very high degree of technical knowledge in a fast-paced environment * Focuses on objectives and results when considering alternative solutions * Uses logical, systematic approaches to solve problems * Actively identifies and resolves the root cause of technical and business challenges (lessons learned) * Elicits feedback from customers to monitor their satisfaction * Strives to meet or exceed customer expectations * Responsive to customer requirements * Empathize with customer experiences * Identifies opportunities for innovation * Creates strategies to help the organization serve customers more effectively * Ability to make defendable decisions, both strategic and tactical, with available and often limited data * Supports and implements new methods and processes * Develops a strategic plan based on the College's vision and mission * Translates strategy into business plans and tactics * Modifies business plans based on changing business conditions * Demonstrates knowledge, understanding, and technical use of converged (voice and data) networking technologies * Demonstrates knowledge, understanding, and technical use of many and various desktop operating systems and software applications, internet/intranet technologies, and reporting tools. * Stays current on all relative hardware technologies, stays aware of state of the art technologies, and searches for new technologies on the horizon. * Technical and/or working knowledge of some or all of the following: * Ethernet * Cisco Hubs and Switches * TCP/IP * Cisco Cube/VoIP Routers * Cisco Prime Infrastructure * SNMP * Wireless 802.11 * VPN * UltiCam and Visio * Windows Server * Fluke NetTool * UNIX/AIX/Linux * Physical Circuit troubleshooting * VoIP Telephony * Cisco Call Manager * Cisco IPCC * Cisco Unity * Microsoft Active Directory (DHCP) * Nortel Option 11 * TelRex CallRex * OnSSI Systems IP Video * Cisco Nexus Switches * Cisco Emergency Responder

Additional Information: Posting close dates are subject to change.