St. Louis, MO
Mar 17, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

Marketing-Specialist Job Description

-Web site layout and maintenance

-Update and modernize. Work with supplier

-Organize web site layout.

-Standardize design of layout for every property.

-Take pictures of existing properties and post on web site.

-Graphics Art

-Standardize design on all forms and lock fields on forms.


-Picture layouts.

-Apartment floor plans.

-Video design and production for apartment styles-type.


-On line ads

-Develop and maintain Craigslist, Facebook and Twitter accounts for The Wellington Group, Inc. and all apartment communities.

-Update Craigslist every morning. Update Facebook and Twitter accounts as needed. Automate the process.

-Use other advertising sources.

-Maintain Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Zillow, Twitter, Utube, Wiki, Vimeo, About, Yahoo,Ask, etc.

-Community Advertising

-Develop a standard newsletter format for Managers.

-Develop a referral letter to post by every mailbox.

-Interface with Future Tenants

-Answer the cell phone for prospects.

-Make appointments and get them on site for the leasing managers.

-Assist and Interface with On-Site Managers

-Ask them for an apartment update every time they lease an apartment.

-Start a waiting list for all apartments.

-Maintain and Update Company Policy and Procedural Information

-Maintain and update with new items.

-Maintain Corporate Forms

-Standardize all company leasing forms.

-Organize on Public Drive.

-Community Relations

-Press Bulletins

-Interface with Local media

-St Louis Post Dispatch

-St. Louis Business Journal

-Riverfront Times

-Organize Company Events

-Volunteer work one weekend per year

-Organize Special Projects

-Christmas Party December

-Summer activity

Company Description
Property Management Company

St. Louis, MO


Mon, 27 Feb 2017 10:51:03 PST