Mar 17, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary This position serves as the liaison for academic support services for graduate programs on the Gwinnett Campus, working closely with events, facilities, library, student support, and IT staff members. This position also serves as the liaison for program support services for several Public Service and Outreach units and community organizations that offer courses on the Gwinnett Campus. He or she assists in providing a positive organizational image to the general public, clients, students, faculty, and the community for the Gwinnett Campus. Responsibilities include supporting recruitment efforts for academic programs, initiating cross-marketing efforts between academic and non-academic programs and events, and innovating new ways of reaching out to the campus community and beyond to recruit students. This position coordinates and participates in promotional ideas and activities to publicize and promote programs on the Gwinnett Campus. The person in this role may also: participate in the preparation of marketing and promotional publications as needed; conduct interviews, researches, and write news releases, articles, and feature stories to promote the campus and its programs; work with departmental personnel to elicit news and promotional items of interest; and answer requests for information concerning campus activities. Minimum Qualifications Completion of a master's degree with 2 years of related experience; OR completion of a bachelor's degree and 4 years of related experience.