Mar 17, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary This is manual laboring work of more than ordinary difficulty often involving the performance of semi-skilled duties. Work involves the performance of laboring tasks requiring some job-acquired skills, which frequently include operating automotive equipment and providing semi-skilled assistance to other employees. Employee will be required to perform regular grounds maintenance duties suck as mowing, weeding, leaf removal and operating various types of grounds equipment including mowers, backpack blowers, weed trimmers, edgers, trucks and tractors as well as any type work deemed necessary by the Grounds Foreman or immediate supervisor. Duties which are of a routine nature are performed with some degree of independence. More skilled tasks are performed under closer supervision. An employee may drive a truck and some light construction equipment, involving responsibility for safe and efficient operation. Specific instructions are normally received/provided with assignments. Minimum Qualifications Any combination of education and experience equivalent to the completion of the eighth grade. Experience with grounds maintenance equipment. Valid driver's license