Assistant Director/Campus Facilities Manager- Facilities Planning and Operations

Modesto, California
$6,959 to $8,849 per month. Doctorate degree annual stipend $2,374.00.
Mar 15, 2017
Institution Type
Community College

Yosemite Community College District


Assistant Director/Campus Facilities Manager- Facilities Planning and Operations-

Salary: Management Salary Schedule 2015-2016 Range 35 $6,959 to $8,849 per month. Doctorate degree annual stipend $2,374.00.

Deadline: 03/30/2017


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Under supervision of the Director of Facilities Planning and Operation, the Assistant Director will assist in planning, directing, managing and overseeing the activities and operations of the District’s facility and land use planning, construction maintenance, facilities maintenance and operation programs; assist with the supervision, monitoring, reviewing, and auditing of the construction of new buildings and facilities, and the reconstruction of existing facilities and buildings; oversee, monitor and evaluate maintenance, custodial and energy management activities for all District sites; and to do other related functions as directed. Manages and directs the operations and activities related to the district’s building and grounds operations of Modesto Junior College; plans and administers district policies and procedures related to the care and maintenance of the college buildings, grounds and infrastructure; coordinates and plans all buildings and grounds maintenance, skilled craft and custodial services and activities and performs other duties as assigned.




Receives direction from the Director of Facilities Planning and Operations.


Provides direct and indirect supervision to lower level technical and maintenance operations personnel as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications


• Principles, methods, techniques, and strategies, pertaining to construction management and maintenance programs; policies, procedures, equipment, materials and supplies related to planning,

construction, operation, maintenance and repair of facilities and grounds.

• Basic principles of construction estimating, bid preparation and review; methods of estimating costs supplies and equipment;

• Legal mandates; district policies, regulations, operational procedures, methods techniques; project management and computer software technology.

• The use of tools, equipment, supplies, practices, and methods associated with facilities and grounds maintenance work; modern office methods; interpersonal skills using tact, patience, and courtesy; working knowledge of Excel, MS Word, Outlook and Fusion.

• General principles of maintenance, repair and operations of electrical/mechanical systems and equipment and heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) systems and equipment;


Ability to:

• Ability to effectively and efficiently assist with the planning, organizing of the functions and activities of facility planning, construction, and maintenance program; plan organize, assign, direct

and evaluate the functions and activities of the construction process, maintain an effective data management, storage, retrieval system; communicate effectively in oral and written form with a diverse constituency; understand and carry out oral and written directions with minimal

accountability controls, use independent judgment; establish and maintain effective organizational relationships; including facilities custodial, grounds and maintenance staff.

• Effectively use tools, equipment and supplies related to the maintenance of buildings and grounds;

• Ability to interpret building plans and specifications;

• Estimate costs of building repairs, alterations and maintenance work;

• Effectively supervise and train staff;

• Communicate effectively in oral and written form.

• Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.


Desirable Qualifications

Education and Experience


Any combination of education and experience equivalent to two years of college-level course work and four years of increasingly responsible work experience in planning, construction, maintenance, business, operations, and repair of large buildings and equipment.


• Education: Equivalent to AS degree in construction management, business, trade skill or related to the area of facilities operations.


• Experience: Three years of increasingly responsible management or supervisory experience in one or more areas of construction, facility maintenance. Planning, operations and repair of large buildings and equipment, including one year in a supervisory capacity.



• Assist in coordinating contracted work with architects, engineers, inspectors, local government officials, and others pertaining to construction of District Facilities.

• Assist with representing the District in working with the state, county, and the city land use and planning agencies.

• Assist in developing, submitting, and accounting for all documents required by the state

Chancellor’s Office for state funding.

• Assist with planning, organizing, coordinating, and directing the construction, maintenance, repair, and remodeling of District facilities. Supervise and coordinate the operations and activities related to the district’s building and grounds operations of Modesto Junior College; plan and administer district policies and procedures related to the care and maintenance of the college buildings, grounds and infrastructure.

• Assist with monitoring contractors providing construction and maintenance related services to ensure adherence to project specifications, timelines, and appropriate standards of performance.

• Assist with determining operational policies, guidelines, priorities, and the scheduling and control of various ongoing and major construction and reconstruction projects.

• Assist with planning, organizing, and directing facility and equipment preventative maintenance programs, including implementation and maintenance of a systemized data management, storage and retrieval system.

• Participate in maintaining a cost effective and cost beneficial operational mode, and to ensure that appropriate quality control and performance standards are maintained.

• Assist with managing the budget for bond, capital outlay, scheduled maintenance, hazardous substance, local, and maintenance budgets for the District as they relate to construction and maintenance.

• Coordinate work activities between department units, contractors, and other campus groups through oral and written communications; inspect work performed and resolve deficiencies as needed. Includes the District custodial, maintenance, grounds and skilled craft maintenance on the Modesto Junior College campus.

• Prepare and maintain a variety of narrative and statistical reports, specifications, records and files related to assigned activities.

• Assist in the assignment, coordination, and review of the activities of architects, engineers, and consultants for construction and maintenance projects.

• Communicate with other administrators, personnel, and contractors to coordinate activities and programs, resolve issue and conflicts and exchange information. Recommend improved methods and changes as appropriate.

• Operate a computer and other office equipment as assigned; operate various equipment and tools used in assigned areas. Supervise, train, and evaluate personnel; supervise staff training; prepare evaluation reports; review and discuss staff requirements and performance with employees.

• Attend and conduct a variety of meetings as assigned; conduct presentations to groups; represent the District with outside organizations and agencies, including regulatory, local, state, and federal governments.

• Assure a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff by inspecting and working with the safety committee and the safety and health administrator. Perform periodic inspections of building and grounds to check on the need for maintenance and repair, building safety, ADA compliance and conformity with fire regulations; determine need for repairs and establish work priorities.

• Assist with developing and administering preventive maintenance program and related records, including preparing detailed procedures and work instructions, scheduling, monitoring equipment operations, and entering data into appropriate system.

• Assist in assembling and collecting facilities planning and operations documents for preservation, including technical manuals, maintenance schedules, equipment replacement program, vendor files, maintenance work orders, purchase orders, and others.

• Maintain positive working relationships with the vendors/contractors, students, the community and various departments within the District.

• Assure compliance with established building codes, safety laws and regulations, timelines, and standards of quality. Secure estimates for work to be performed by outside sources; check to be sure work is properly completed. Review completed contract work for acceptability.

• Plan, coordinate, organize and manage the energy budget, state reporting, management and controls, boilers, pressure tanks and energy equipment for the District.

• Assist with developing of the District’s five-year scheduled maintenance programs; confer with college facilities managers to develop project plans and priorities; formulate preventive maintenance plans to assure proper care of District grounds and facilities.

• Serve on campus and District committees, task forces, and other work groups; maintain positive public relations with the larger community.

• Assist with developing and implement techniques to improve departmental policies and procedures, increase efficiencies, optimize opportunities and maintain state-of-the-art practices; maintain current knowledge of technological advances in the field.

Assume the duties of the Director, Facilities Planning and Operations, in the absence of the Director and as assigned. Receive and respond to emergency calls affecting facilities operations; assign personnel and equipment necessary.

• Research, develop and administer guidelines and emergency plan for small gas pipe line system consistent with federal and state requirements.

• Assist with maintaining space inventory and Facilities assessment District wide and confer with the division deans regarding building and room dedication.

• Perform other related duties.



• Work generally involves both an indoor/outdoor work environment with some exposure to environmental extremes.


Licenses and Certificates

When driving a district vehicle, a valid California driver’s license and evidence of appropriate

automobile insurance based on DMV regulations may be requested.



To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each duty satisfactorily. The knowledge and skill requirements are representative of essential duties. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.


Physical and Mental Standards

Physical requirements indicated below are examples of the physical aspects that this position classification must perform in carrying out essential job functions. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable a person with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job.


• Mobility: ability to sit for long periods, move about an office, stand occasionally, reach above and below desk level; some heavy physical effort that may include frequent standing, walking, and lifting. May also involve frequent activities requiring full body exertion. May involve ascending and descending ladders, stairs, scaffolding, and ramps, and will involve walking or standing for extended periods.

• Dexterity: fine manipulation sufficient to operate a various hand tools and or machines. Exposure to hot, cold, wet, humid, or windy conditions caused by weather may occasionally be experienced.

• Lifting: occasional lifting or moving heavy parcels, machines or equipment of 50 pounds or more.

• Visual Requirements: close vision sufficient to read files, documents, and computer screens and do close-up work; ability to adjust focus frequently.

• Hearing/Talking: perceiving the nature of sound, near and far vision, depth perceptions, providing oral information, ability to hear normal speech, speak and hear on the telephone, and speak in person.

• Emotional/Psychological Factors: ability to make decisions and concentrate; frequent contact with others including some public contact; frequent deadlines and time-limited assignments.


YCCD is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.