INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT ASSISTANT, DSPS (Disabilities Support Program & Services)

Mar 14, 2017
Institution Type
Community College

INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT ASSISTANT, DSPS (Disabilities Support Program & Services)
San Jose/Evergreen Community College District

Position Status:


Salary Range:
$22.67 - $27.65 Hourly Salary (Range 78: Classified Salary Schedule Fiscal Year 2015-2016). Starting placement is generally at Step 1.

Benefits Available - Classified:
Excellent fringe benefit package includes District paid medical, dental, vision, EAP (employee assistance plan) and life insurance for employee and eligible dependents, and income protection. Voluntary plans include supplemental life insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, 403b and 457 Deferred Compensation Accounts. Classified employees also receive vacation, sick leave and 17 paid holidays.
Employment Start date: As soon as possible.

Position Summary:
The Instructional Support Assistant, DSPS (Disabilities Support Program & Services) reports to Supervisor of DSPS (Disabilities Support Program & Services) located at San Jose City College. This position is 10 months per year; 32 hours per week, Monday, Thursday; 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Tuesday, Wednesday: 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

This position is represented by the California School Employees Association (CSEA), Chapter 363.

Position Purpose:
Provides tutorial and technical assistance to students, either in a classroom or laboratory setting, enrolled in courses at all levels within the college curriculum. Tasks performed require in-depth technical or professional competence in the instructional area as demonstrated through classroom/lab support, one-on-one tutoring, small group facilitation and large group demonstrations. Must be able to work with all students of varying ages and backgrounds including diverse cultures, learning styles and learning abilities.

Duties and Responsibilities/Specific to Position:

1. Provide one-on-one and small group instructional support to students at all levels within the college in either a classroom or lab setting. Reinforce and reintroduce information and materials presented in class or in self-paced modules and introduce alternative or expanded information to enhance student learning.
2. Work with students who learn at varying speeds to continually engage those moving more quickly as well as supporting those needing more time and assistance.
3. Working with instructors, demonstrate and assign appropriate drills and construct developmental models and projects for the lab or classroom and as needed catered to particular student needs. May revise learning materials as needed.
4. Provide a variety of technologies and resources for students in addition to verbal assistance such as computer-assisted instruction and video/audio taped lectures.
5. Recognize when students are experiencing learning difficulties and present material using various approaches to identify what works for which students.
6. Refer students as appropriate to Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S). Work with DSP&S to incorporate adaptive technologies and alternative learning exercises and approaches to increase student learning.
7. Provide referrals to and work closely with a variety of campus services designed to support and enhance learning opportunities for students.
8. Verify completion of student assignments and monitor student progress. Anticipate potential challenges that will face students relative to specific assignments based on particular needs including but not limited to learning styles, disability and students with English as a Second Language. Suggest strategies for students to overcome the challenges.
9. Analyze assignments from instructors within the discipline to help determine requirements. Evaluate student work for the assigned curriculum, and make determinations if assignment criteria, class grade level standards, and the other specific requirements established by instructors are met.
10. Work with instructors to maintain up-to-date knowledge of teaching and learning theories and technologies, alternative learning materials, and computer applications pertinent to programs and services.
11. Consult reference works and/or perform internet searches to research concepts related to student assignments. Conduct searches as requested for learning materials in subject area.
12. Tutor and instruct students in learning and test-taking strategies (e.g., flash cards, study guides, and test-taking techniques).
13. May conduct assessments and recommend student level placement.
14. Serve as a liaison between the student and instructors and tutors. Keep instructors apprised of student progress.

1. Schedule and conduct orientations for assigned lab and/or classroom areas including instruction on use of equipment and procedures and provide continual monitoring for proper usage.
2. Provide ongoing technical assistance to students related to proper use of tutorial and laboratory equipment. Create supporting documentation as needed for use of lab/center services and computer equipment. Organize and maintain existing reference materials, creating answer keys as needed.

1. Perform routine administrative functions related to data entry, filing and processing paperwork related to temporary employees and student use of the lab and classroom. May maintain attendance records for temporary employees. Ensures that student attendance is documented and entered onto a computer-aided timekeeping system.
2. Administer tests and quizzes in accordance with State regulations and College policies. Prepare testing schedules. Ensure security of test materials and otherwise maintain confidentiality of confidential and/or sensitive matters with regard to student test-taking.
3. May schedule, train, and oversee student workers, tutors and other temporary employees.

1. Perform other duties as assigned and as related to the position.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

1. In-depth knowledge of a range of pre-college and lower division courses related to the assigned instructional area.
2. Well-developed knowledge of learning styles, including those for students with learning or other disabilities.
3. Working knowledge of instructional methods and techniques appropriate for students with disabilities affecting their learning process.
4. In-depth knowledge of the operation and features of common word processing and desktop publishing software.
5. Sufficient human relation and public speaking skills to convey technical concepts to others, to facilitate a small group learning process, and conduct demonstrations.
6. Working knowledge of computer-aided instructional techniques and software applications that enhance learning.
7. In-depth knowledge of tutorial and instructional techniques including a range of materials that can be used to enhance or supplement learning.
8. Knowledge of and skill at test and problem writing.
9. Basic knowledge of standard and common office clerical practices.
10. Basic knowledge of classroom or laboratory procedures, organization, equipment, tests, experiments, and simulations.


1. Requires the ability to carry out all the responsibilities of the job including instructional support for assigned area working with adult students of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and skill levels.
2. Design and set up laboratory assignments, experiments, simulations, and tests, as well as student projects.
3. Organize and prioritize work and manage time effectively.
4. Train and direct work of temporary employees, administer tests, and perform general clerical tasks.
5. Relate positively to students in a teaching/learning environment and develop and maintain effective working relationships.
6.Listen actively and effectively and identify and solve problems to facilitate learning for students.
7. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing, speak in a clear and concise manner, and follow oral and/or written instructions.
8. Make formal and informal presentations/demonstrations one-on-one and in small groups.
9. Independently work under pressure, provide optimal support to students, and meet deadlines and time lines.
10. Recognize variations in student backgrounds, abilities, and learning styles, and deliver criticism and encouragement in a thoughtful, tactful, and sensitive manner.
11. Effectively support adult students with disabilities of diverse backgrounds, abilities and skill levels.
12. Recognize potential learning disabilities and make the appropriate referrals for assistance.
13. Conduct research using libraries and internet-based search methods.
14. Use multi-media equipment appropriate for presentations.
15. Perform routine record keeping and data entry duties.
16. Operate computer hardware and utilize general software applications and those dedicated to the subject matter.

Minimum Qualifications:


1. AA/AS and 6 months of related experience. Education must include sufficient focus on subjects related to the position and may include trainings, workshops and other types of non-credit activities. Examples of subjects are: subjects specific to course content of assigned area, teaching and tutoring techniques and strategies, working with people with learning and other types of disabilities.

2. Demonstrated sensitivity, knowledge, and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students we serve; and sensitivity to and knowledge and understanding of groups historically underrepresented, and groups who may have experienced discrimination.

3. Success integrating diversity as appropriate into the major duties outlined in the job description and in the duties listed in the District's hiring policy; or demonstrated equivalent transferable skills to do so.

Desired Qualifications:
1. Bilingual abilities, desirable.

Physical Demands:
1. Requires sufficient ambulatory ability to move to work stations.
2. Requires sufficient arm, hand and finger dexterity to use a personal computer keyboard, multi-media, and other office equipment.
3. Requires normal hearing and speaking skills to communicate with staff and students in classroom, one-on-one, small group and lab settings.
4. Requires visual acuity to read printed materials and computer screens, review student assignments, and observe students perform tests and assignments.
5. Position involves light to medium walking, standing, stooping, carrying, and lifting of light-weight materials (under 25 pounds).

About San Jose/Evergreen Community College District - Classified:
The District is represented by dedicated and talented employees who are passionate about providing our student population with the best educational experience possible. The District recognizes that cultural diversity in the academic environment promotes academic excellence; fosters cultural, racial and human understanding; provides positive roles models for all students, and creates an inclusive and supportive educational and work environment for its employees, students, and the community it serves.

As of fall 2016, with enrollment of approximately 16,000 per semester, and an extremely diverse student population (Hispanic/Latino 41%, Black/African-American 4%, Asian/Pacific Islander 32%, American Indian/Native American 1%, White/Caucasian 11%) attaining educational goals reflecting 45% - AA Degree and Transfer to a 4-Year College/ University, the District's emphasis on student success makes it a recognized educational leader in the State.

The District encourages a diverse pool of applicants to serve as colleagues to an existing diverse classified staff consisting of 40% Hispanic/Latino, 29% Asian/Pacific Islander, 5% Black/African American, 1% American Indian/Native American, 20% White/Caucasian, and as well as encouraging applications from all qualified, outstanding applicants.

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