Counselor/Accommodations Coordinator

San Jose, California
Mar 10, 2017
Job ID: 23874
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Job Title: Counselor/Accommodations Coordinator

Job ID: 23874

Full/Part Time: Full-Time

Regular/Temporary: Regular

Job Code: 3086, Range 1

Department: Accessible Education Center


About the Position


Reporting to and receiving limited supervision from the Director of the Accessible Education Center (AEC), the Counselor/Accommodations Coordinator works independently to deliver highly complex and comprehensive academic retention services as prescribed by AEC Counselors on behalf of the University. The Counselor/Accommodations Coordinator provides programmatic oversight and support; develops programs; disability management; advisement and confidential counseling to students with disabilities; participates in Case Management meetings; advocates on behalf of the University; acts as a resource to the greater campus and community at large; and provides work lead direction to the Accommodations Support Specialist and student assistants working on behalf of the AEC assisting to deliver supportive accommodations, AEC front office operations, etc., while managing the full scope of operations for the Testing Program.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Provides One-on-One counseling & advisement to students with disabilities.

Participates in, and covers "Drop-Ins," case management, staffing of student services, prescribes accommodations, strategies and interventions for retention of students with disabilities.

Advises, negotiates, and partners with faculty in administering academic and/or curriculum adjustments and accommodations to students with disabilities in compliance with ADA, Section 504 and Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, including the prescription, coordination and administration of all examinations both standardized and classroom.

Acts as liaison to faculty and department chairs for students via written and oral communication for all curriculum. Articulates University, State, and Federal policies and regulations to faculty and staff. Acts as a resource for faculty and mediates between faculty and students. While providing work lead direction to the Accommodation Support Specialist, the CAC educates, demonstrates and provides training in the use of technology utilized by the AEC to faculty, which includes adaptive technology (e.g.: screen readers, reading machines, text readers) and partners with faculty utilizing Learning Management Systems (LMS) regarding test administration and accommodations.

Partners with faculty to administer exams AEC is ill-equipped to administer due to specific curriculum requirements exclusively available in the subject matter department; assists in providing alternative format for print material as it relates to the administration of testing. Prepares standard and adaptive technology for individual student test taking prescriptions; prepares e-exams: (edits text, adds descriptions, deletes lines, characters, symbols, etc) for use with adaptive technology; test runs exams post structure changes to ensure compatibility with adaptive software; maintains technology, which includes adaptive technology, utilized in the AEC Testing Room; trouble shoot technology difficulties; and remains current with state-of-the-art technology as it relates to AEC usage in providing accommodations.

Acts on behalf of faculty and makes independent judgments regarding test-taking conduct related issues, and refers situation directly to the Judicial Affairs Officer. Coordinates and oversees the Testing Accommodations Program and ensures academic integrity in relation to testing accommodations and curriculum related changes.

Develop, implement, and maintain high-level process and procedures to protect testing integrity, including technology security for e-exams.

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