Resident Supervisor for Arts & Communication Pre-College Program

Mar 09, 2017
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Community College

Emerson College

Resident Supervisor for Arts & Communication Pre-College Program

A Resident Supervisor (RS) is employed by the Department of Professional Studies to live in a residence hall and work as part of a staff team in order to build a positive living and learning environment and community experience for residents of the Arts & Communication Pre-College Programs. An RS serves as a liaison between the residents of the Pre-College Programs and the Department of Professional Studies. The RS reports directly to the Head Resident Supervisor, who reports to the Assistant Director of Pre-College Programs. This is a live-in position requiring forty hours a week.
Each RS is expected to create and encourage activities and programs that enhance community and meet residents' personal and academic needs. The RS serves as a role model for students and is expected to know various campus resources available to students. Creativity is highly encouraged; team spirit is essential.
Resident Interaction and Development
  • Role model positive behavior. Be knowledgeable of and abide by community expectations and College policies including, but not limited to, those found in the Code of Student Conduct, and the Arts and Communication Pre-College Residential Handbook, Emerson College's mission and values.
  • Meet students' individual developmental needs. Develop positive, appropriate interpersonal relationships with each resident. Serve each individual resident with care, humanity, respect, and efficiency.
  • Introduce residents to each other, facilitate connections among residents, and help residents develop healthy interpersonal relationships among themselves.
  • Serve as an information referral resource; advise and support residents as needed.
  • Promote an atmosphere conducive to learning and academics; guide residents in creating and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to study and learning.
  • Understand, abide by, and serve as a role model for all College and Residence Hall policies and procedures.
    Community Interaction and Development
  • Demonstrate personal investment for community development by anticipating student needs and taking appropriate action to meet those needs.
  • Foster an environment that actively values the dignity and self-worth of all members of the community, promote an atmosphere accepting of diversity and different lifestyles.
  • Conduct floor meetings and formulate community standards necessary to the establishment of an environment characterized by involvement, mutual respect, and academic success; uphold these agreements in resolution of community problems.
  • Create equal opportunities for resident interaction by planning, implementing and advertising activities on an individual and team basis throughout the program.
  • Involve and engage residents in planning and conducting programs/activities that meet their personal and academic needs.
    Staff Collaboration and Administration
  • Represent and support the College and the Department of Professional Studies positively in all interactions with students, faculty, staff, and parents.
  • Work as part of a team and actively support other staff members' efforts, report directly to and fulfill all duties as assigned by the Head Resident Supervisor. Provide reliable, responsible, and responsive assistance to your fellow team members, Head Resident Supervisor, and Assistant Director of Pre-College Programs.
  • Show flexibility and adaptability in the performance of your duties in order to respond to changing needs, situations, and personalities. Take initiative, ownership, and investment as a staff member in displaying a positive work ethic and behaviors and encourage this attitude in others.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings, and other meetings as directed by Head Resident Supervisor.
  • Participate in training, staff development activities, and meetings as required by the Head Resident Supervisor and the Department of Professional Studies.
  • RS's will be required to provide coverage at the Residence Hall front desk and RS office at specified times and, as needed, may be required to shift duties in order to ensure coverage during mandatory hours. Desk shifts are: 8AM-Noon, Noon-4PM, 4PM-8PM and 8PM-12AM. One person will be assigned to the front desk and another to the office. A third person will be on-call. During daytime on-call shift, RS must be within walking distance of the Emerson campus. Night-time on-call shifts are 12AM-8AM and RS must remain in the residence hall. All on-call shifts are part of the 40 hours a week and are paid hourly.
  • Perform administrative duties as assigned including, but not limited to, distributing information, completing incident reports, participating in check-in and check-out procedures, checking and responding to email and phone communication.
  • RS's will be required to serve on an on-call daily rotation schedule intended to provide guidance and supervision to residents on a 24/7 basis during their stay at the College. All RS's are expected to fulfill their fair share of this duty.
  • Complete all work and assigned tasks in a timely, efficient, accurate, and organized manner.
  • Report all maintenance problems and damages involving College property to the Head Resident Supervisor in a timely manner.
  • Use bulletin boards to disseminate information as well as educate.
  • Assist in getting information to and from residents as directed by the Head Resident Supervisor, Assistant Director of Pre-College Programs, and Department of Professional Studies.
    Student Conduct and Crisis Management
  • Advise residents of and encourage adherence to the Code of Student Conduct and the Arts and Communication Pre-College Residential Handbook.
  • Demonstrate responsible decision making, communication (including social media), problem solving, and follow-through skills.
  • Recognize and respond promptly to individual crises, emergencies, and discipline matters with promptness, dependability, and in a manner that shows care and consideration for individual needs and differences. Utilize appropriate referral resources. This includes following all established on-call and crisis protocol in a timely and efficient manner, appropriately documenting situations, and following up post-incident.
  • Maintain confidentiality with regards to policy violations and student behavioral concerns as directed by the Department of Professional Studies, College policy, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Keep the Head Resident Supervisor informed of all issues of concern related to crisis or behavior.
  • Consult with the Head Resident Supervisor for resolving concerns, especially those of an ongoing or complex nature.

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    Residence Life experience working in an educational setting with summer camps, high schools and/or after school programs is preferred

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