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Mar 03, 2017
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Incumbent shall perform unit level advanced parachute training instruction in the classroom and field environment, as well as assist in the course curriculum development, planning, scheduling and supporting logistical requirements that maintain compliance with higher headquarters (HHQ) instructions and current operational training requirements.

a. Assist in developing, implementing, and maintaining advanced parachute training courses in accordance with HHQ and career field guidance.

b. Support syllabi and instructional courseware development/modification in accordance

with HHQ directives.

c. Maintain long range continuity as scheduling and training focal point for DoD and

contracted training sites and airlift organizations to include the Joint Airborne/Air

Transportability Training (JA/ATT) borough.

d. Identify logistical equipment/manpower support requirements for advanced parachute

training courses to include both DoD manning support and Air Reserve Component man day requirements.

e. Provide classroom and field instruction on knowledge and performance objectives in

support of advanced parachute training courses, and other unit training courses that

pertain to the contractor's area of subject matter expertise.

f. Provide recommendations for parachute equipment, critical parachute components, and any parachute or safety related training course equipment in the bi-weekly Situation.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Qualifications

a. Knowledge, skill and abilities in United States Air Force Guardian Angel/Special Tactics military parachuting tactics, techniques and procedures, with mandated requirement to conduct ground, airframe and airborne parachute training, operations and evaluations.

Preferred previous experience with the Guardian Angel Weapons System or Special

Tactics community.

b. Knowledge/ability and qualified to perform Static Line Jump Master (SL JM) and

Military Free Fall Jump Master (MFF JM) duties.

c. Knowledge/application of FAA Senior Rigger duties.

d. Certification as FAA Senior Rigger or Master Rigger is required.

e. Knowledge/application of USAF logistics/acquisitions systems related to Parachute

Equipment to include (Personnel Parachute Systems, Cargo/Ground and Maritime

delivery systems, Night Vision Devices, Personnel and Aircraft employed oxygen

systems and Self Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA).

f. Knowledge/application of the principles and techniques required to develop and evaluate instructional programs and course curriculum for efficient delivery of training. Preferred previous experience within USAF formal training organizations.

g. Knowledge/application of continuous improvement through program objectives and

assessments of tactics, techniques and procedures for development with skill in

accomplishing special training studies and projects in support of operational


h. Knowledge/application of data collection techniques, practices and statistical analysis

principles for trend analysis.

i. Knowledge/application of USAF Parachute Equipment safety programs, safety mishap

investigation/reporting procedures and associated systems.

j. Knowledge/application of Instructional Systems Development (ISD) and courseware


k. Knowledge/application of formal classroom/field instruction techniques and procedures.

l. must be highly physically fit to include all fundamentals of fitness (strength,

endurance, cardio, flexibility and body composition).

Company Description
Bacik Group is a verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides a full spectrum of management and engineering solutions for our clients in the commercial, defense, education, government, healthcare and hospitality sectors. Our vast network of Subject Matter Experts enables us to offer clients innovative and timely support as well as provide exceptional managerial and technical expertise across multiple disciplines. We work with clients across the globe and operate in both neutral and high conflict zones, including both Iraq and Afghanistan. This experience and ability, combined with our recognized quality control measures, set us apart and mark everything we do.

Tucson, AZ


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