Biology Faculty

Tannersville, Pennsylvania
Feb 28, 2017
Position Type
Tenured & Tenure-Track
Institution Type
Community College


Full-time, tenure track teaching position beginning Fall 2017 at our Monroe campus located in Tannersville, PA. The primary teaching responsibilities will be Microbiology, A & P I and II, and other levels of freshman/sophomore biology for majors and non-majors.

In addition to teaching, other responsibilities include advising students, revising curricula, college service, and professional development activities.


Primary Function: To assist in the learning process of students by understanding how students develop and learn, how they are motivated and the effects of peer interactions on learning; by knowing his/her discipline and how to help students know the discipline; by learning what is new in the discipline, and what is newly available through technology and changing pedagogical methods; by thinking of teaching as helping others; by being a student of society and the worlds in which students live.

Responsibilities: working with students and other faculty to give instruction in accordance with the stated philosophy and objectives of the College Catalog: (1) Planning the instructional offerings: (a) maintain curriculum currently and participate in course level and program level academic assessment; (b) acquaint all students with course requirements during the first week of classes and provide each student with periodic evaluations of his/her progress; c) participate in all areas of divisional and departmental responsibilities; (d) select textbooks and other instructional materials in compliance with developed college policies; (e) comply with all provisions as noted in the Contract with Local #3579 of the American Federation of Teachers. (2) Facilitating the instructional process: (a) recommend the purchase of library books and other instructional resources necessary for the effective implementation of the instructional program; (b) assist in the recruitment of full-time faculty members as provided in the Policies and Procedures Manual; c) approve all student withdrawals from class; (d) carry on an effective student advising program and implement the referral program to ensure that students who require counseling are directed to the appropriate staff member. (3) Participating in all regularly scheduled meetings of the department/division and professional staff. (4) Preparing preliminary budget materials for submission to the appropriate dean. (5) Implementing special responsibilities: prepare a list annually of special assignments that reflect institutional and individual goals and ambitions appropriate to the position and the administrative team.

Organizational Relationships: (1) Be responsible to the appropriate division dean for performance of assigned responsibilities. (2) Be responsible to the program director when said program has an assigned administrator filling that position. (3) Work in close concert with program coordinators when appropriate. (4) Work cooperatively with members of the faculty and administrative team. (5) Relate role to College goals and mission attainment.


Master’s Degree in Biology required, Doctorate in Biology preferred. Community college teaching experience welcome, both lecture and laboratory. Demonstrated experience in the use of innovative pedagogy, learner-centered assessment, and experience working with a diverse student population.