SME / SME1 -- TP002

NBS Enterprises, LLC
Lanham, MD
Feb 24, 2017
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Job Description

Labor Category Required: SME / SMEI

Candidates MUST BE a US Citizen to obtain Full Background Investigation (FBI) clearance. For a Minimum Background Investigation (MBI) clearance Candidates must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident.

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IRS Minimum Background Investigation (MBI) clearance to retain position is required.

IRS Full Background Investigation (FBI) clearance to retain position is required.


Task Description: The key objective of RRP is to provide a unified system that is integrated into the IRS's modernized Infrastructure for the detection of fraudulent returns and refund fraud schemes to ensure timely issuance of refunds and credits that are legally due to filers, while preventing issuance of refunds and credits that are not legally due to filers. This integrated system shall provide the platform to implement the IRS' new business model to meet changing fraud detection needs, and to streamline the business processes. The ability to implement changes in time to counter evolving fraud schemes is highly valued.

Duties: A PostGres DBA with skills in PostGres DB design, performance tuning, maintenance, PG best practices, & PL/pgSQL. The PostGres DBA will manage a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) DCA and Oracle and handle all PDM management, deployment, and validation across multiple databases. Experience in MPP databases (Netezza, Teradata, Greenplum) a major plus along with experience as an Oracle DBA. This is a highly complex and extremely large database environment with thousands of tables and and tens of thousands of fields in one PDM. Duties include:

Job Duty 1 with % of time - Manage an MPP Data Computing Appliance (DCA) with a PostGres architecture as the DBA and multiple development and testing databases. All PostGres best practices from a DBA perspective is to be applied along with the MPP best practices based on experience or on the job training. Grow and develop the DBA expertise and practice on the program. Become the go-to person in DB management. (70%)

Job Duty 2 with % of time - Establish and champion DBA best practices along with owning and updating the DB process and change management. (20%)

Job Duty 3 with % of time - Understand and comply with development standards and SDLC to ensure consistency across the business (5%)

Job Duty 4 with % of time - Collaborate with Client SMEs, IBM team and other vendor teams (5%)


Please note these are the top technical skills that the Buyer feels a candidate MUST have. General knowledge of basic office software such as MS Office Suite as well as good communications skills are a given.

1. PostGres database design and performance tuning skills. 5+

2. PL/pgSQL 4+.

3. Advanced SQL skills 4+

4. Good oral communication skills

  1. Strong written communication skills


Please note these are nice to have skills. It does not preclude a candidate who does not possess all or some of these skills from the selection process but this could be used as a differentiator between candidates:

1. MPP (Netezza, Teradata, or Greenplum) Database design and performance tuning skills 4+

2. MPP-Informatica Power Exchange skills 3+

3. Oracle database design & performance tuning skills 3+.

4. Java or Shell scripting experience. 3+

5. SAS Scoring Accelerator in Greenplum Database skills 2+

6. Prior IRS experience and, especially, an active MBI are a plus.

Note to teammates: MBI'd personnel may start as soon as selection is made and PO placed. Start date for other personnel is driven by MBI process.

Company Description
NBS Enterprises creates competitive advantages. We isolate and overcome constraints to deliver performance value for all involved: you, your customer, and your employees. We break current market staffing trends with price-sensitive strategies solutions.

Our goal is to work in partnership with you, our client, become a trusted advisor and teammate to establish a relationship that provides you and your team with a competitive advantage at both the contract and at the task order levels. NBS' innovative 'Triangle' approach to staffing support provides you, your customer, and your future employee a risk mitigation solution that is second to none.

Lanham, MD


Thu, 23 Feb 2017 12:52:26 PST