Jan 25, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary The Eukaryotic Pathogen Database resource ( seeks to fill six positions in support of an expansion project in the areas of clinical and epidemiological data integration and mining. The goal of this exciting initiative is to leverage existing strengths in the integration and analysis of pathogen genomics and functional data to incorporate large global projects (such as Mal-ED) that focus on the interplay between early childhood malnutrition and enteric infectious disease burden in developing countries. Anticipated hires include a senior project coordinator, web developer, ontologist, data loader, application developer, and community outreach specialist. The Data Loader (Scientific Computing Professional) will join a growing team responsible for interfacing with scientists working in clinical epidemiology research, analyzing epidemiological datasets, loading these data into a relational database ( and integrating with existing 'omics' or other metadata in a web interface. The successful applicant will work collaboratively as part of a 30+ member team including biologists, annotators, data-loaders, ontologists, user-interface specialists & software developers, outreach staff, and others responsible for acquiring, loading and validating clinical epidemiology and/or omics data. Data obtained from online bioinformatics repositories (e.g. GenBank, SRA), or provided by scientists and clinicians working in parasitological and/or clinical research, often need to be preprocessed into standard formats, using scripts developed or modified to parse the data and run workflows to load the data into a relational database ( Additional duties include the maintenance and creation of input files for presentation software, assessment of the quality of the data loading, designing strategies to increase throughput and automate quality assurance testing, and presentation to the user community. Participation in the preparation of scientific papers and technical documentation, and attendance at scientific meetings is encouraged. Minimum Qualifications SEE IT MATRIX