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Malone University is a Christian University for the Arts, Sciences, and Professions, affiliated with the Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region. The University has enjoyed significant growth in student enrollment, programs, physical facilities, and financial position in the last two decades. Total enrollment is approximately 2600 students, with 1545 full-time undergraduates as well as adult degree-completion programs and graduate programs. As an equal opportunity employer, Malone University does not unlawfully discriminate in employment, and encourages the hiring of qualified women and minorities.malone_university1.jpg

About Malone University
Malone's Christian liberal arts approach is widely recognized today as producing exceptional graduates prepared for all aspects of life.

malone_university2.jpgMalone continues its commitment to educational experience based on biblical faith. This does not imply that the Bible is used as a textbook in every class. Nor does it imply that Malone courses lack essential ingredients that would be found in comparable courses at other institutions. It does imply that Malone is committed to the liberal arts with emphasis upon communicative, investigative and interpretive skills in developing the whole person, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It also implies that the faculty members, who recognize Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, are committed to integration of a Biblical world-view into the curriculum. Malone University is an institution of higher learning with an "added value."

Malone's students have opportunity through this type of learning to know and understand themselves and the world around them. And they are capable of articulating this knowledge and understanding to others. That is why many of our alumni are individuals who excel in a wide variety of occupations and who extend their commitment to the Malone motto, "Christ's Kingdom First," to local, national, and international levels.


Malone enjoys a unique relationship with its affiliated denomination, the Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region and the community. Faculty, staff and students represent approximately 40 denominations. This diversity provides for a greater understanding of the breadth and depth of Christian thought.



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