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Working at IMSA

Academy Offers Unmatched Educational Experiences

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) fosters the discoverers. The thinkers. The innovators and experimenters. The problem-solvers of the future who can change the world through their life’s work. IMSA innovates the future of science, technology, engineering and math education. It creates a strong and diverse pipeline of talented students at its residential Academy in Aurora, Illinois for 10th through 12th grade students. IMSA’s mission is to ignite and nurture creative, scientific, ethical minds that advance the human condition.

IMSA’s tuition-free residential educational program enrolls a diverse student body of 650 from all areas of Illinois; admission is highly competitive.

National and International Leadership

IMSA is a recognized leader in mathematics and science education at the national and international levels and serves students, educators and policymakers beyond Illinois:

(1) IMSA founded and helps lead the work of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology which consists of 75+ member institutions, including IMSA and the similar residential programs in 14 other states; (2) IMSA provides extensive professional development in problem-based learning to teachers in the nation and abroad; (3) IMSA staff and students serve on important national panels and task forces and

are invited as presenters at prestigious national and international conferences; and (4) IMSA is a model upon which a number of other schools in the U.S. and abroad are based.

In addition, IMSA hosted the 2018 International Student Science Fair.


To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.


We Believe That…

  • All people have equal intrinsic worth.
  • All people have choices and are responsible for their actions.
  • Belonging to a community requires commitment to the common good.
  • Diverse perspectives enrich understanding and inspire discovery and creativity.
  • Honesty, trust and respect are vital for any relationship to thrive.
  • Learning never ends.
  • Meaning is constructed by the learner.
  • No one’s path in life is predetermined.
  • The ability to discern and create connections is the essence of understanding.
  • We are all stewards of our planet.
  • We can significantly improve life on our planet.

2020 Vision

By 2022, IMSA is a Recognized Global Leader and Catalyst in Equity and Excellence in STEM Teaching and Learning, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

This is IMSA’s Impact Goal for the next 5-7 years. What is our strategy for achieving it?

What are IMSA’s Priority Outcomes and How Were They Developed?

IMSA’s priority outcomes were developed with faculty and staff through reflective dialogue on what institutional outcomes IMSA should pursue. Staff was engaged in retreats, community learning days and leadership meetings. IMSA invited external experts to support planning

activities, assisted in prioritizing and refining indicators, and help to set targets for these priority outcomes.

IMSA leadership attended and hosted many learning events and activities with alumni, faculty and staff since this process started in late 2014.

Outside of IMSA, staff participated in several events that informed our goal setting process, such as the Waubonsee Vision 2050 Futures Summit, Developing America’s Next Generation of Innovators for the STEM Education Working Group of the Clinton Global Initiative, the Strategic Planning Meeting of the Illinois Association of Gifted Children held at IMSA and leading a Chicago Public Schools Administrators’ Roundtable discussion on Leading a STEM School, also held at IMSA.

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