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Monmouth College

Founded in 1853 by pioneering Scotch-Irish Presbyterians, Monmouth College brought the blessings of civilization to the people of the rough frontier and spoke of traditional values to those who were shaping a new world. Though today our life knows different frontiers, the College still thinks of its purpose as its founders did—preserving and celebrating the traditions that have been entrusted to it while promoting discovery and investigation. Although the student body today includes many who come from far beyond western Illinois, Today, through its Midwest Matters initiative, Monmouth continues to have a strong sense of identity the region in which it is proudly rooted.

Unusual for the time, Monmouth College was created a coeducational institution. Indeed, it was one of the first colleges to give women equality with men, and, not surprisingly, women’s interests have been prominent in the College’s history.

Monmouth has chosen to remain the collegiate institution it was founded to be, preferring not to expand into a university. Monmouth continues to insist that its purpose is not to pursue knowledge for its own sake, in the university’s fashion, but to encourage students to seek values by bringing together knowledge and belief in a coherent whole. The College has neither graduate nor professional schools and is therefore able to focus its resources entirely on its undergraduates. In true collegiate fashion, Monmouth stresses the unity and equality of the academic disciplines that compose it.
The College’s chief interest lies in providing its students a generous understanding of human experience; individual disciplines receive their sense of direction from that larger commitment rather than permitting the specific interest to become an end in itself.
Monmouth College offers a comprehensive liberal arts education in an individually supportive environment. 
Monmouth College at a glance
  • Location: Monmouth, Illinois, population 9,900
  • Nearest cities: Quad Cities—Rock Island, Moline and East Moline, Ill.; Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa—(45 miles) Peoria (65 miles)
  • Enrollment: 1,321 students
  • Demographics: 48% men, 52% women; 93% live on campus
  • Calendar: Semester (Two 17-week terms)
  • Areas of Study: 33 majors, 30 minors, 16 pre-professional programs
  • Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts
  • Student/Faculty ratio: 14:1
  • Average class size: 18 (55% of classes have fewer than 20 students)
  • Campus: 106 acres, including a 33-acre nature preserve / athletic park
  • Affiliations & Accreditations: Charter member of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM), a consortium of leading liberal arts colleges; Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.); American Chemical Society; North Central Association of Colleges and Schools since 1913.


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