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Tacoma is a big city with a small-town heart. We honor our past with beautifully preserved historic buildings and we look forward to the future with growing commercial districts and advances in transportation. Here, you can enjoy urban life in the city or get outside at the zoo, the beach, or in the dozens of gorgeous trails and parks.

The main campus is close to downtown, and easily accessible by car, bike, and transit from all around Tacoma.

Each day, our students come to learn in an environment inspired by and created just for them. There's a "new TCC," with a science and engineering building, a brand new information technology building, the learning resource center, art gallery, student center with Web Café and cafeteria, fitness center and gymnasium, athletic fields, early learning and children's center...and much more!

Our Mission

Why are we here? TCC creates meaningful and relevant learning, inspires greater equity, and celebrates success in our lives and our communities.

Our Vision

What are we working towards? Tacoma Community College is recognized as a spirited leader in emphasizing and documenting student learning. We are known for our commitment to innovation and excellence, our inclusive community, and our technology integration. We achieve this through the collective dedication and recognition of our college family.

Our Culture

Who are we?  TCC is built on the gifts, resources, talents and successes of our students and employees. We believe that seeking out and celebrating these assets both sustains and energizes our community, helping us contribute to our society.

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

We're always looking ahead to the next level! TCC is constantly working to give our students the best education and opportunities. The 2010-2014 strategic plan and commitment to success is based on 3 solid concepts:

  • Create learning
  • Achieve equity
  • Engage community

Learning Outcomes

The faculty at TCC has identified these 6, measurable outcomes for all students who complete a degree here:

Upon completing a degree at Tacoma Community College, students will be able to:

  • Core of Knowledge (COK): Demonstrate a basic knowledge of each of the distribution areas (Written Communication, Humanities, Quantitative Skills, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences; or, as applicable, specific professional/technical programs), integrate knowledge across disciplines, and apply this knowledge to academic, occupational, civic and personal endeavors.
  • Communication (COM): Listen, speak, read, and write effectively and use nonverbal and technological means to make connections between self and others.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving (CRT): Compare, analyze, and evaluate information and ideas, and use sound thinking skills to solve problems.
  • Information & Information Technology (IIT): Locate, evaluate, retrieve, and ethically use relevant and current information of appropriate authority for both academic and personal applications.
  • Living & Working Cooperatively/Valuing Differences (LWC): Respectfully acknowledge diverse points of view, and draw upon the knowledge and experience of others to collaborate in a multicultural and complex world.
  • Responsibility & Ethics (RES): Demonstrate an understanding of what constitutes responsible and ethical behavior toward individuals, the community, and the environment.

Program-Specific Outcomes: When students finish the curriculum in their chosen programs at TCC, they will be able to:

  • Master the central concepts of your areas of study
  • Apply knowledge and skills presented in your courses to occupational, social and personal contexts
  • Understand the purpose and value of general education
  • Integrate knowledge across disciplines.

Be a Part of Something Uplifting!

TCC provides excellent, program-relevant instruction and outstanding services to our students. We're always looking for dedicated, skilled employees to join our faculty and staff.

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