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The JCC Promise Jamestown Community College is committed to connecting you to your goals by providing challenging educational experiences in a caring environment.

JCC, founded in 1950 as a predominantly transfer, liberal arts oriented institution, was among the first community colleges within the State University of New York. The remarkable development of the college is a tribute to a dedicated faculty and administration, combined with support and encouragement from the officials and citizens of its service area.jamestown_community_college1.jpg

Characterized by a climate of informal interaction between faculty and students, JCC provides a learning environment which encourages growth and change while maintaining high academic standards.

JCC has remained committed to the humanities and liberal arts while expanding to meet the social imperatives of vocational education and community service. The threefold purpose of the college is to serve those students desiring transfer programs, provide technical and career programs for those who wish to seek employment immediately after graduation, and offer the community the opportunity to pursue part-time study for improvement of job skills and cultural enrichment.

Vision Jamestown Community College, an integral part of our communities' social and economic frameworks, will be the region's premier provider of transfer, career, develojamestown_community_college2.jpgpmental, and continuing education, and will be recognized for academic excellence, a collaborative spirit, innovative leadership, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Mission Jamestown Community College is a comprehensive, regional, open-access, student-centered institution that embraces academic excellence and meets the service area's learning needs in diverse ways, including liberal arts transfer degree programs, career programs, community service, developmental education, and business and industry training. The college's partnership with the greater community contributes to the social and intellectual improvement, economic development, and cultural enrichment of western New York State and northwestern Pennsylvania.

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