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Georgia Health Sciences University, was founded in 1828 and is the 13th oldest medical school in the nation. It is the site of several historically significant medical milestones, including a cure for pellagra (a vitamin deficiency caused by diet, once common throughout the South) and the groundwork for breakthroughs such as fertility pills, birth-control pills and beta-blocking drugs.georgia_health_sciences_university1.jpg

Nearly 2,400 students are enrolled in the baccalaureate, master's, doctoral and professional degree programs delivered through the Schools of Allied Health Sciences, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Medicine and Nursing. Approximately 90 percent of them come from Georgia. The university offers the full gamut of health sciences degrees and uses satellite campuses, distance-learning, the Internet and other innovative techniques to ensure a statewide reach. The university consistently ranks high on student satisfaction surveys, particularly in the area of individual faculty attention, and many disciplines are among the top-ranked in the country.

georgia_health_sciences_university2.jpgThe main campus is located in Augusta, Georgia's second-largest metropolitan area and a major medical center. However, students also learn clinical practice alongside health care professionals in private offices, clinics and hospitals in 112 Georgia counties, and at clinical campuses in Savannah and Albany. The university plans further statewide expansion with a goal of enrolling 1,200 medical students on campuses in Augusta, Athens, Savannah and Albany by 2020, an increase of approximately 60 percent, to address the critical need for more physicians in Georgia.

The university's research efforts focus on diseases that have the greatest impact on Georgians: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes/obesity, infection/inflammation and neurological disease.

The university's clinical facilities include Georgia Health Sciences University Medical Center, the Georgia Health Sciences University Children's Medical Center and the Ambulatory Care Center/Specialized Care Center. Recent additions to the campus include the Health Sciences Building, housing the Schools of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing, and the Cancer Research Center, consolidating cancer initiatives campuswide.


The Georgia Health Sciences University mission is to improve health and reduce the burden of illness in society.

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