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Eureka College is a Family

A small, supportive, exceptional family...

Eureka College is a family. A small family. Our historic campus located on 112 wooded acres in the heart of Central Illinois, can best be described as charming and friendly. Our focus on a comprehensive liberal arts education, with major emphasis on leadership and service to others, is one-of-a-kind. Our proximity to Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis make us ideal for those looking for major market facilities, yet like to return to a safe, secure, and small town environment.


How small is small?

Eureka College has just under 770 students.

Is this a disadvantage?

On the contrary - we view it as an amazing advantage. David Everett's (1769–1813) line, "...large streams from little fountains flow, tall oaks from little acorns grow " rings true at Eureka. Each of those lucky enough to become a part of Eureka College and our traditions find themselves supported, encouraged, and treated, not as a number...but as the extraordinary and creative individuals they are.

In this unique and empowering environment some of the best and brightest have discovered their strong sense of self, their vocation for their future, and a deep love for this special small campus. Imagine - from this small campus has come forty-two college presidents, seven governors and members of Congress, a Nobel Laureate team member, and the 40th President of the United States. EC has over 5,000 living graduates located around the world. You'll find many of them serving the current President of the United States, serving as doctors, lawyers, teachers, and heads of non-profit organizations around the globe. See EC Excellence.


Discover Eureka College

EUREKA! I've found it!

Enjoy exploring this site. Enjoy discovering Eureka College on-line. But let us give you a tip...

You can't find the spirit of Eureka College through pretty pictures and on-line words. You need to walk the campus. Why? Because Eureka is family. Eureka is people-to-people connections. Eureka is tradition. Eureka is special. Come visit us and really discover Eureka College.



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