College of William & Mary Student Affairs

About College of William & Mary Student Affairs

Division of Student Affairs

The Vice President for Student Affairs and her staff provide a broad range of services to the students of the College. The Vice President oversees departments and offices responsible for student counseling, multicultural student services, services for disabled and commuting students, student rights and responsibilities, organizations and activities, student government, the student conduct system, the Sadler & Campus Centers, student residences, and student health needs.

The staff members work closely with the faculty and administration of the College to represent student concerns to them; this office also presents academic and administrative policies to the students.

Student Affairs Departments

The broad range of responsibilities within the Division of Student Affairs is shared among several departments.

Mission & Vision

Our mission as a division is to inspire and prepare students to be effective leaders, responsible citizens, and engaged learners through student-centered programs, policies, and services.

Our vision is to create an engaging learning environment where community is strengthened and individuals flourish.

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