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About Butte-Glenn Community College District

Butte College is Proud to Be A Part of the Community
For over 40 years, we have successfully offered a quality educational experience to our alumni. We offer associate’s degrees plus training in career fields including business, medical, law enforcement, welding, automotive, computers and more.

During 2007-2008, Butte College enrolled 21,833 students and conferred 936 associate of arts and associate of science degrees. The college also awarded 1,128 certificates in a variety of career and technical fields including fire, law enforcement, nursing, auto, building inspection, and heavy equipment.

We proudly transfer more students to California State University, Chico than any other community college—and successfully transfer students to UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Stanford, Purdbutte_glenn_community_college_district1.jpgue and others.

Our outstanding faculty is committed to academic excellence. Butte College’s student chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two year colleges, is ranked fourth in the world.

The college contributes to economic development through the Training Place, the Small Business Development Center, the Center for International Trade Development, and the Regional Health Occupation Resource Center.

Butte College remains committed to being a national community college leader in sustainability. Our main campus is located on a 928 acre wildlife refuge and operates as a small city with its own water system, sewage system, and bus transportation system. The college won the grand prize in the Chill Out Contest for its sustainability efforts by the National Wildlife Federation.


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