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For the past fifty years, BCC has provided quality education to citizens from the Bronx and beyond. With students from 109 different countries, we are one of the most diverse campuses in New York City. Our welcoming atmosphere and individual support for all of our students makes this a wonderful place to feel comfortable and to learn.bronx_community_college_of_the_city_university_of_new_york1.jpg

Our pastoral, 53-acre campus is an oasis within the urban Bronx community. With its grassy knolls, tree-lined walkways and stunning architecture, one can easily forget that we are in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

What sets us apart, though, is the nurturing environment that we provide for each student. Our faculty and staff stand ready to be helpful and encouraging, and our concern for the educational, social and psychological welfare of each student explains why graduates from years before refer to BCC as the place that gave them the foundation and confidence to become successful.

bronx_community_college_of_the_city_university_of_new_york3.jpgWe are constantly upgrading our technology and our teaching methodologies in order to provide students with the most recent advances in educational excellence. Our facilities include modern exercise equipment, an olympic style swimming pool, a television studio, major meeting and performance spaces and a modern student center with space for student organizations and a conference area.

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