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Since its founding in 1880, Bridgewater College has advanced with the times, yet upheld an educational philosophy that champions excellence, values, scholarship, meaningful activities, and service to the community. Bridgewater has led the way in developing leaders in fields such as business, industry, medicine, law, communications and education. The first coeducational college in Virginia, Bridgewater was the first four-year, private, liberal arts college in Virginia to admit women.

bridgewater_college2.jpgAcademically, Bridgewater offers a breadth of intellectual experiences while allowing for proficiency in specific disciplines. Bridgewater’s dedication to liberal arts reflects a commitment to writing, public speaking, analytical and critical thinking, and global awareness and understanding.

Bridgewater College is committed to developing the whole person. The college has created a liberal arts curriculum that helps students gain as complete a self-understanding as possible. Students discover how they think while exploring new ways of thinking. Life at Bridgewater is as much about learning as it is about transformation.

Located in the scenic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia within the community of Bridgewater, the college offers a quiet, safe environment in which to learn.

Bridgewater is easily accessible from Interstate 81, not far from the city of Harrisonburg.

Bridgewater College is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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