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Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) is the largest community college in the City University of New York. It is also the only community college in Manhattan. Located in the heart of an exciting and vibrant city, BMCC reflects the best of downtown Manhattan: the culture of Tribeca, the vibrancy of Wall Street, and the promise of the Statue of Liberty.

The campus is situated on 4.28 acres and spans four blocks from Chambers Street to North Moore Street, which is equivalent to the Empire State Building lying on its side (minus the tower). In addition to the 71 classrooms, eight seminar rooms, numerous laboratories and three lecture halls (one hall seats 200 and the others seat 100), the campus borough_of_manhattan_community_college_of_the_city_university_of_new_york3.jpglibrary is equipped with 550 study carrels that permit use of audio/video cassettes. The campus features a 913-seat auditorium, a 262-seat theater and a 99-seat drama workshop. There is an intercollegiate-size swimming pool and gymnasium which can be divided into three regulation basketball courts. In September 1993, BMCC received the largest donation ever made to a community college, Fiterman Hall, donated by Miles and Shirley Fiterman. Fiterman Hall is located at 30 West Broadway (between Park and Barclay), just a few short blocks from the main building.

BMCC is a college that is alive with ideas and innovation, and supportive of the innate human striving for self-improvement. The College offers opportunity to those who desire it and wish to strive for it. Approximately 19,253 students are enrolled in degree-programs and 10,000 more in continuing education programs. BMCC awards Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Arts (AA), and Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees in more than 20 fields.borough_of_manhattan_community_college_of_the_city_university_of_new_york2.jpg

As one college within the The City University of New York, BMCC shares CUNY’s mission to preserve academic excellence and extend higher educational opportunity to a diversified urban population. In addition, Borough of Manhattan Community College is dedicated to providing general, liberal arts, career education and continuing education programs, relevant to the needs, interests and aspirations of students of all ages.

The College is committed to offering quality education in a pluralistic urban environment, to fostering excellence in teaching, to facilitating the enhancement of learning, and to sustaining full access to higher education for those who seek fulfillment of personal, career or socioeconomic goals. BMCC is also committed to providing collaborative programs and services responsive to the educational, cultural and recreational needs of the community.

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