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Eastern Nazarene College

Quincy, MA 02170
United States

Located on Boston’s historic south shore, within walking distance of Quincy Bay, Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) recently celebrated its 100th birthday. A fully accredited traditional liberal arts college, ENC has about 1,075 students distributed across a traditional residential undergraduate program, adult studies, and a graduate program. ENC is known for its success in getting students into top graduate and medical schools and has a 100 percent acceptance rate for its students into Law School. While many faculty are active in publishing and research, and some are leaders in their fields, the emphasis is on the teaching and mentoring of students in a nurturing, spiritually informed, and academically supportive environment. Students are encouraged to travel, engage in service learning projects, and participate in praxis experiences as a part of their education. ENC is one of 160 members of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU).

Mission Statement

The mission of Eastern Nazarene College is to serve God, the Church, and the World by providing a quality liberal arts education to students of all ages. Consistent with its Wesleyan heritage, ENC seeks to create and maintain an environment which awakens and fosters truth, righteousness, justice and holiness as made possible by God’s transforming grace through Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

Embracing its multicultural and urban environment, ENC prepares students to lead and serve in a diverse world by integrating “the best in education and the best in Christian faith”.

Defining Values

Transformational Education

We will provide a holistic educational experience that integrates spiritual, academic and social development to prepare students to effectively serve in a changing world.

Faithful Authenticity

We will be deliberately honest in our relationships, management procedures, strategic planning and communication to foster trust and confidence with both internal and external constituencies.

Institutional Vitality

We will develop and sustain a sound financial and administrative infrastructure that provides a foundation for a vibrant campus culture and climate.eastern_nazarene_college2.png

Service Orientation

We will model servant leadership to our students and community by creating a culture of excellent customer service.

Multicultural Understanding

We will create a context that welcomes and embraces various cultural backgrounds to promote cultural understanding and acceptance.

Christian Faith

We will act and respond in ways that value and validate each member of the community so that we reflect the servanthood of Christ as we interact with one another and the world to participate in the kingdom of God.

Intentionally Collaborative

We will develop and exercise the skills necessary for supportive and creative relationships to facilitate healthy collaboration both internally and externally.eastern_nazarene_college1.jpg


Pursuit of Excellence

We will utilize our intellectual, financial and interpersonal resources to cultivate a lifestyle of stewardship that maximizes our personal and institutional potential within our organizational and physical environments.


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