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Diversity Profile

Commitment to Equal Opportunity: 

The College of William and Mary is committed to equal opportunity.  The College values diversity and is actively engaged in enriching the diversity of its faculty, students and staff. Central to the College's mission is provision of a climate that is welcoming to all people. William and Mary does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex/gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, political belief, disability, veteran status, age, or any other category protected by the Commonwealth or by federal law.


William & Mary Discrimination Policies

Disability Access and Accomodations

Executive, Professional, and Instructional Faculty Recruitment


College Diversity Advisory Committee

The College Diversity Advisory Committee will advise and assist the Chief Diversity Officer/Assistant to the President in the design and implementation of strategies that advance diversity at William and Mary. With the Strategic Plan as a guide, the CDAC will seek to:  (1) enhance access and opportunity for all to create a diverse campus community; (2) enrich the educational and workplace experience for all members of the campus community; (3) foster mutual respect, valuing of differences, as well as cross-cultural understanding; and (4) prepare leaders for an interdependent global community.

Learn about the Committee's Resposiblities here.

Contact Info: 

Contact the Diversity Committee at

Sharron Gatling, M.A.Ed.

Assistant Director of The Office of Equal Opportunity

(757) 221-2617




Commitment to Diversity: 

The College of William and Mary in Virginia is a community of teachers, students, and staff who share our national ideals of human equality, democracy, pluralism, and advancement based on merit. We give life to these principles—and prepare women and men to be citizens of the wider world—when we value diverse backgrounds, talents, and points of view.

As a community, William and Mary believes that cultural pluralism and intellectual freedom introduce us to new experiences, stimulate original ideas, enrich critical thinking, and give our work a broader reach. We cannot accomplish our mission of teaching, learning, discovery, and service without such diversity.

William and Mary belongs to all Virginians, to the nation, and to the world. Yet our College, like our country, failed for many years to open the door of opportunity to all people. In recent decades, William and Mary has made itself a more diverse community, and thus a better one. Structures and habits that create injustices, however, have yet to be fully banished from American society. We are committed to establishing justice.

The College of William and Mary strives to be a place where people of all backgrounds feel at home, where diversity is actively embraced, and where each individual takes responsibility for upholding the dignity of all members of the community.

- Approved by the Board of Visitors on November 17, 2006

Check out the School of Education's Statement on Diversity.


Student Affairs Diversity Statement

The Division of Student Affairs strives to ensure a safe, affirming, and nurturing environment for William and Mary students and staff. Inherent in this mission is a belief that a strong community is built upon, and enriched by, both commonalities and differences. Division members recognize and celebrate the fact that William and Mary students, staff, and faculty are diverse—varying in age, physical abilities and cognitive talents, socioeconomic status, political viewpoints, religious/spiritual and/or philosophical beliefs, and sexual, gender, and racial/ethnic identities. We actively demonstrate our commitment to the success of all community members through our programs, policies, and services. We foster a welcoming environment based upon open and considerate dialogue, mutual understanding, and respect for individual differences.


With a living museum and an amusement park as the local backdrop.

Williamsburg, Virginia, is approximately 150 miles south of Washington, D.C. and located midway between Richmond and Norfolk on interstate 64. Far from having seen its heyday as the Capital of Virginia in 1698, Williamsburg offers the ideal setting for a modern, collegiate atmosphere.

 Adjacent to the campus is Colonial Williamsburg, which along with Jamestown and Yorktown comprise the Historic Triangle. It's like the Bermuda Triangle, but instead of wrecking ships, it provides insights into American History (and W&M students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni get perks with the Collegiate Pass!). Interpreters work at all three sites to teach visitors about the beginnings of representative government and cultural diversity in North America. Duke of Gloucester Street (DoG Street, to students) connects William & Mary to Colonial Williamsburg and forms a preferred corridor for student joggers.

Other nearby attractions include an extensive array of outlet stores, an Anheuser-Busch brewery, Busch Gardens amusement park - which offers a special William & Mary day in October for faculty and students - and New Town, which offers convenient access to restaurants, shopping and a multiplex theater. Next to campus at the corner of Prince George Street and Richmond Road are three restaurants that famously re-spelled deli as "Delly," as in Paul's Delly, the College Delly and the Green Leafe Cafe (which, go figure, is still called a Delly). Those with a daintier appetite for their sandwiches tend to prefer the Cheese Shop on DoG Street. Ask for the house dressing.

Tourists flock to Williamsburg every summer, but William & Mary students have the run of the place during less humid months. Learn more at


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