College of the Siskiyous

Weed, CA 96094
United States

College of the Siskiyous is located at the base of majestic Mt. Shasta in far northern California.  One of the most beautiful campuses in the state, the primary campus is in the historic lumber town of Weed and is easily accessible from Interstate 5 and Highway 97.  A second campus located in Yreka, 30 miles north of Weed.

The College is widely recognized for its excellent programs in the humanities and arts, sciences and technology, and in athletics. The natural environment of mountains, forests, lakes, and streams, serves as an outdoor workshop for many classes such as art, geology, life sciences, physical and recreational education. Exceptional successes by COS students have been achieved in fire, nursing, music, drama, science, and athletics.

Faculty, staff and administrators at COS are here for a reason: we are all passionate about student success, and your future. We all made conscious, career decisions to work in community colleges because these institutions exist for the purposes of bettering lives, creating new opportunities, and developing our communities. We hope, when you come to our campuses, that you feel this passion too!

Even as funding declined in recent years, we have made big investments in our educational programs. We have new Health Sciences, Emergency Services, Fire, and Natural Sciences buildings. Additionally, we have renovated lodges (dorms) learning labs, upgraded computer classrooms, and have major improvements “on the drawing board” for the years’ ahead.


College of the Siskiyous is actively seeking diversity in its faculty and staff to include a wide variety of perspectives and approaches to work and working relationships. We welcome all applicants interested in working with us to accomplish the strategies outlined in our vision which is framed around learning, partnership and stewardship.

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