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City College of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA 94112
United States

As the City College of San Francisco moves into the twenty-first century, our foremost vision is that we will continue to value and foster superior levels of educational participation and academic success among our students. Through the outreach to and inclusion of all populations, the provision of an unparalleled learning experience for students, and the enhancement of a supporting and caring environment that sustains and leads them to the successful completion of their educational goals, we are motivated by a compelling and authentic vision.

A Teaching and Learning Community

Above all else, we aspire to be a teaching and learning community whose principal distinction is the quality of instruction delivered by departments with strong reputations in their fields. The quality of success in learning will permeate all levels of the educational experience, from basic skills to advanced honors courses, from vocational/technical to the academic courses, from citizenship preparation and adult retraining to university transfer courses. The breadth of superior learning opportunities extends to a vast array of courses and programs sufficient to offer any student a pathway to educational and career success.

A Service Community

We will continue to reach out to all neighborhoods, ethnic populations, and economic segments of our service area; develop campuses and sites to better serve geopgraphic areas of the city; diversify and improve programs and services for the benefit of the community; build partnerships with public, private, and community-based agencies to better respond to educational, economic and societal needs; and foster informed participation of our students and employees in community life.

A Diverse and Caring Community

We seek to build an inclusive community, where respect and trust are common virtues, and where all people are enriched by diversity and multi-cultural understanding; a responsive environment in which student needs are met in a friendly, caring, and timely manner; and a working environment for all faculty, staff and administrators in which everyone is valued and the climate is supportive, positive, and productive.

A Contributing Community

In the larger realms of the state, the nation and the world, we hope to share our educational resources and contribute knowledge, expertise, and innovation as a post secondary institution of higher education, as memebers of the community colleges of the state of California and throughout the country, as colleagues in our various fields, trades, and professions, and as educators committed to lifelong educational opportunities for all.

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