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Read our Employer Profile Valparaiso University is rooted in the Lutheran tradition and dedicated to welcoming and including in its community people from different backgrounds and beliefs who are in dialogue with one another in the common pursuit of Truth.

In fact, a central aspect of the University’s Strategic Plan calls for the establishment of a diverse and inclusive environment where students from a variety of backgrounds can learn from and be challenged by one another in the pursuit of knowledge and truth.


Assistant Provost for Inclusion & Student Success Services

University leadership continues to identify ways in which to create a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive community. To that end, Valparaiso University named Stacey A. Miller, Ed.D., as assistant provost for inclusion and Student Success Services. Assistant Provost Miller works closely with students, faculty, staff, and community members to advance diversity and equity as core components of the University’s educational mission. She provides crucial oversight as the University continues to deeply embed diversity and inclusion across campus and to strengthen ties to the Northwest Indiana community that enrich the educational experience.

Promoting Dialogue Across Cultures class

As Valpo seeks to diversify its enrollment, University leadership develops opportunities to promote dialogue across cultures in a richly diverse community, such as a co-hosted town hall meeting — designed to foster civil conversations on race, justice, community, and policing at the local level — and Dialogue and Discernment events, aimed at engaging students in civil action and equipping them with the skills needed to work across partisan divides.


A grassroots initiative by the Valpo men’s soccer team, the #oneVALPO movement calls for a signature and promise to respect other cultures and backgrounds. #oneVALPO states that individuals will show respect for all others regardless of beliefs, backgrounds, etc. It also calls for the elimination of disrespectful and derogatory remarks, education on other cultures, and celebration of the differences of others. After all, the promise reads, together we are more than we are alone.

Groups and individuals across campus have and continue to sign the #oneVALPO pledge, and this diversity and inclusion initiative has also expanded into the city of Valparaiso and in communities throughout the state of Indiana.

Programs, Centers, and Resources

  • Division of Student Affairs encompasses a number of student services areas, such as residential life, counseling, and the Career Center, helping students learn and develop in everyday life.
  • Inclusion & Student Success Services focuses on diversity, inclusion, and equity as well as the recruitment, retention, and success of all students, faculty, and staff.
  • The Presidential Commission for an Inclusive Valparaiso Community serves to determine, coordinate, and advance the initiatives the University needs to implement its vision to become a more inclusive and equitable community.
  • The Bias Incident Response Team is responsible for processing reports alleging an incident of bias impacting a member of the University community.
  • Multicultural Programs encourages inclusiveness, cross-cultural and intercultural communication, racial harmony, multicultural education, and understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures through inclusive support and programs.
  • International Programs is dedicated to serving international students and their needs, creating a supportive environment in which they can live, study, and thrive.
  • Campus Ministries houses a variety of organizations providing ministry to students regardless of faith tradition.
  • Search Process Advocates serve as members of hiring search committees to support affirmative hiring processes and practices at the University.


Award Programs

  • The Martin Luther King Jr. Award honors person(s) or organization(s) making significant and lasting contributions to creating an environment where diversity is honored and respected on campus and within the broader community.
  • The Diversity Achievement Award recognizes programs that demonstrate substantive diversity-related achievements.

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