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About San Jacinto College

Everything we do at San Jacinto College – every academic program we create, every facility we build, every service we provide, every decision we make – is guided by how it will help our students successfully reach their goals.

We serve an ethnically diverse body of more than 25,000 students, a fifth of those being the first in their families to go to college. Operating on three lively campuses, we offer 140 academic and technical programs. The degrees and certificates earned by our proud students propel them into four-year universities, as well as into immediate high-demand jobs.

San Jac is tax-supported by the state and surrounding district, which allows us to provide an outstanding education while keeping costs low for students and parents. This special relationship with the communities around us also gives our students special advantages. The high-growth businesses and industries of Houston look to us to produce excellent well-qualified graduates, and we design our programs to deliver.san_jacinto_college1.jpg

But San Jacinto isn’t all business. Our college is alive with competitive athletics, renowned arts and entertainment, active student organizations and a huge helping of school spirit. Our students enjoy a collegiate atmosphere, valuable degree programs, instructors who come from the real working world, modern facilities, excellent advisors, easy financial aid assistance and endless opportunities to succeed.

This is San Jacinto College.

San Jacinto College is spread out over three lively campuses, all of them offering state-of-the-art facilities, excellent faculty and staff, great services and a whole lot of fun activities and exciting opportunities. Having three locations offers a lot of convenience for our students, but we also get out into the community beyond our campus borders. Several classes are offered at our various extension centers as well as other special locations.

Doing everything in our power to help students reach their goals is a directive that comes from the very top. Our Chancellor, Dr. Brenda Hellyer, is the ultimate keeper of San Jac’s mission. She keeps her eyes focused on the big picture and steers our entire organization accordingly. Our three Presidents take that vision and put it into action on each campus, making sure San Jacinto College delivers on everything it promises to be. We also look to our Board of Trustees for astute guidance, to ensure San Jac remains grounded in the community and continues to produce the well-educated, well-trained graduates that the area’s companies and industries need.

The mission of San Jacinto Community College District is to deliver accessible, affordable, high quality post-secondary education programs designed to meet the needs of the citizens of Southeast Harris County. The primary focus of the College is helping students to achieve their personal and professional goals, create seamless transitions among educational levels, and to prepare students to enter the job market or transfer to senior institutions. Through its programs and services, and partnerships with industry, the College supports the economic growth of the community and the region.


Our Purpose
As a public, comprehensive community college, the San Jacinto Community College District carries out its mission by offering the following programs and services:

College-Level Programssan_jacinto_college2.jpg
The College offers technical programs that lead to certificates or Associate of Applied Science degrees. The College also offers Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Arts in Teaching degrees, and courses for transfer to senior institutions.

Continuing and Professional Development
In keeping with its commitment to lifelong learning, the College provides non-credit courses for personal and professional growth. Specialized workforce development training for business and industry is also offered.

College Preparatory Programs
San Jacinto College offers developmental courses to prepare academically disadvantaged students for entry into college-level courses.

Student Support Services
The College provides a full range of student support services, including admission, testing, career guidance, advisement, financial aid, and counseling. Students will also find extensive social and academicsan_jacinto_college3.jpg support at San Jacinto College, including library services, tutoring, special populations support services, student organizations, and recreational and cultural activities.

Economic Development Program
The College promotes the economic development of the region by providing workforce development for new and expanding businesses and industries, and retraining for displaced workers.

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