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  • Avoiding Hecklers, Badgerers and Hijackers

    The academic seminar culture in the economics and finance field is lively, as it most likely is in other disciplines. The norm is that audience members can raise their hands to ask questions at any point in the seminar. This culture has the advantage of encouraging discussion. When the audience engages with the presenter in real time, important issues can be brought up and resolved in ways that cannot be accomplished with a question-and-answer session relegated to the end of a presentation.
  • Initiating New Campus Leaders

    The announcement of new leadership at the school, college or university level—for example, a new dean, provost or president—can usher in a time of hopeful anticipation about unexplored new opportunities. However, it can also often be an anxiety-ridden period for people who are worried that existing, planned or envisioned programs will be shelved. Before making significant changes, new leaders have an obligation to learn the lay of the land—to spend the time necessary to understand both the programs and the people they are tasked with leading.