Tulsa Community College

Tulsa OK 74119
United States

Tulsa Community College betters its community through the intellectual achievement, creative energy, and responsible citizenship of its students, faculty, and staff by their engagement in teaching, learning, and service opportunities that transform and enrich lives. Tulsa Community College commits to innovative, flexible, and affordable public higher education that rtulsa_community_college1.jpgesponds to a dynamic global environment.


TCC will excel as an inclusive, engaged center of life-long learning that transforms the world by empowering learners intellectually, culturally, and socially.

Learning - for students, faculty, staff, and community members - comprises the heart of our institutional mission, and our core values ensure the primacy of learning. An aspiration without end, learning must be undertaken with passion, tended with reason, and shared with integrity. A collaborative endeavor, learning reveals the possibilities of our world, thus making our lives more meaningful and more productive.tulsa_community_college2.jpg

Accordingly, our priorities are as follows:

  • TCC academic programs will be timely and timeless.
  • TCC will foster a dynamic, collaborative intellectual environment wherein students are fully engaged in the learning process, thereby becoming independent, globally aware, life-long learners.
  • TCC will nurture the development of the whole student.
  • TCC will promote professional development among faculty and staff.
  • TCC will enrich the community through active participation and dedicated leadership in the public sphere.
  • TCC will secure the financial and human resources necessary to achieve our vision.

As an educational institution charged with providing lifelong learning opportunities for its students and its community, Tulsa Community College identifies integrity and quality as the cornerstones upon which all other values rest - shaping both priorities and decision making throughout the institution.

Student Success is the reason TCC exists. We strive for all students to be successful in their educations and we strive for the education to effectively prepare students for their lives. Learning is the focus because it is the essence of an institution of learning.

Excellence drivestulsa_community_college3.jpg us. We strive to provide excellent education to our students, excellent resources to our community, and excellent administration and management for our employees.

Stewardship guides our daily decision-making. We investigate community needs and expectations and then respond by providing quality education that is responsive, convenient and affordable.

Innovation sparks our creativity and ensures that the hearts and minds of our students, faculty, staff and administration are actively engaged in acquiring learning, increasing our knowledge, and leading the community forward.

Diversity is our common bond. Sincere appreciation for and cultivation of differences enriches our lives, the community, and the education we offer. It is a source of our pride and integral to our success.

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