Southern University and A&M College

Baton Rogue LA 70813
United States

Southern University and A&M College had its beginning in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1880. Southern University has since established four additional campuses. The Baton Rouge campus is the flagship campus. The Southern University System is the only HBCU system in the nation.

Southern University and A&M College is a comprehensive institution offering four-year, graduate, professional, and doctoral degree programs. It offers bachelor’s degrees in 42 areas, 19 master’s, five doctoral, and two associate degrees. An average of 8,000 students are enrolled each year at the Baton Rouge campus. Approaching the year 2010, Southern is meeting the needs of a more-than-ever diverse student population.


Southern University and A&M College is a publicly supported, coeducational, land-grant, historically Black, comprehensive institution that:

• prepares students to compete globally in their respective professions, and to engage in advanced study in graduate and professional schools;

• offers its students a broad education that prepares them to meet the changing demands of a global society;

• provides a core of liberal arts courses, quality academic programs and support services to meet the diverse needs and abilities of all qualified students.

Southern University’s Lagniappe Initiative

An educated society is a successful society. The mission of any university should be to prepare its attendees and employees for their role in society. This preparation is a collective effort of all members of the University community--faculty, staff, administrators, and students --who serve and attend the institution of higher learning. It is imperative that an institution have a shared set of values. Everyone should be aware of the values, able to articulate them, and willing to put them into practice.

Southern University has developed such a set of values that will guide this institution into the future -- Lagniappe: Leadership, Accountability, Giving, Nurturing, Integrity, Accessibility, Pride, Patience, and Excellence. Lagniappe, derived from the French & Creole cultures means “something extra.” Lagniappe is not only what Southern University has determined to be its principal values, but it defines the efforts and expectations of all those in the University community. It is essential that not only administrators “give something extra”, but that professors, staff, and students do so also. Lagniappe is not just a word at Southern University; it defines who we are as an institution and the role we play, not only in the Greater Baton Rouge community, but in the world at-large.

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