Northwestern College (Iowa)

Orange City IA 51041
United States

Northwestern College is a Christian liberal arts college affiliated with the Reformed Church in America and located in Orange City, Iowa. Recognized for its strong academic program, vibrant campus community and unwavering Christian commitment, it has been preparing young people to serve Christ in the world for more than 125 years.

northwestern_college_iowa2.jpgNorthwestern College had its start in 1882 when residents of northwest Iowa founded Northwestern Classical Academy to prepare students for college and ultimately the ministry. In 1928 a junior college was established, and in 1960 Northwestern became a four-year college. A year later, the academy closed. Today Northwestern offers a Christian liberal arts education in the Reformed tradition to more than 1,200 students through an undergraduate, intercultural and residential learning community.

Northwestern College is a Christian academic community engaging students in courageous and faithful learning and living that empowers them to follow Christ and pursue God’s redeeming work in the world. We care about serving and loving God and enorthwestern_college_iowa1.jpgach other. Students are accepted here and equipped to become a better people in God’s image. Education doesn’t stop after class is dismissed; it’s a 24/7 experience as students learn, live and worship with friends and mentors.

We don’t shy away from tough issues or questions “off limits” to some Christians, so students might be challenged by new ideas. Through that, their beliefs will become clearer to them—and more important. This is a safe place to explore, and students can trust that their professors are seeking God’s truth. At Northwestern, students learn about God’s world and their call to help redeem it. We’ll prepare them for a successful career, but we’ll also get them ready for an even more important job: leading a faithful life. That will require intelligence, compassion, and an education—like Northwestern’s—that teaches both mind and heart.

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