Kenyon College

Gambier OH 43022
United States

Kenyon College is one of the nation's finest liberal-arts colleges, a community of talented students and outstanding teachers who learn together on an Ohio hilltop of exceptional beauty.kenyon_college1.jpg

Kenyon's reputation rests on a long history of academic rigor and creative achievement, but its essence lies in the way personal contact shapes daily experience. Classes are small. Students know their professors as teachers, advisors, supervisors of research projects, and often friends. Professors know their students as individuals--know their strengths, potential, problems, and aspirations.

The ethos here combines challenge and encouragement. Faculty members set high standards and help their students meet them. The atmosphere, both in and out of class, is one of collaboration, not competition. The result is that Kenyon students feel secure enough to welcome intellectual risks.

To put in a few facts and figures:

* Kenyon enrolls approximately 1,600 students. About 55 percent are women, 45 percent men. The average class size: fourteen students. The student-faculty ratio: 10 to 1.

* Nearly all of Kenyon's professors hold the Ph.D. or other terminal degree in their field. Among their recent awards: Fulbright fellowships, the MacArthur Fellowship, Ohio Professor of the Year honors.

* Kenyon students are an impressive group as well. More than half graduated in the top 10 percent of their high-school class.

* The curriculum encompasses the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and fine arts as well as more than a dozen interdisciplinary programs such as African and African-American studies, biochemistry, international studies, and public policy. Students can choose from among twenty-five departmental majors, four interdisciplinary majors, twenty-four minors, and nine interdisciplinary concentrations.

* Kenyon looks outward: every year, about one hundred fifty students participate in off-campus study programs, most of them overseas.

kenyon_college2.jpg* Kenyon students succeed after graduation. Of those applying to business and law schools, for example, 99 percent are accepted. Within five years of Commencement, more than 70 percent of the College's graduates pursue graduate or professional education.

Diversity at Kenyon:

Diversity at Kenyon means actively engaging with difference—different kinds of people, different cultures, a multiplicity of ideas and opinions. We're a community that values tolerance and mutual respect, and this spirit of openness to others embraces race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and sexuality.

At Kenyon, people come from around the U.S. and the world - bringing different ethnicities and backgrounds and a broad range of interests and talents - to converge, communicate, and learn from each other.


To nurture and support this diverse community, Kenyon's Department of Multicultural Affairs works to enhance the academic achievement and personal development of underrepresented students. (These students include, but are not limited to, those of varying racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious affiliations.)

The College itself also offers events, courses, student organizations, activities, and services that reflect the community's commitment to multiculturalism and diversity--and its genuine interest in learning about every facet of the human experience.

In other words, Kenyon College has a place for you.

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