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Royal Roads University is designed to meet the needs of learners and the requirements of the global marketplace. Our convenient learning models maximize convenience and accessibility while our undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs offer applied, real-world relevance and experience.It is the first university in Canada to extensively use a learning model that blends short residencies and collaborative Internet learning, and it is the o


nly public university in Canada to exclusively offer applied and professional programs.

Royal Roads focuses on royal_roads_university2.jpgcurrent needs and trends in business and society through innovative Master degree and undergraduate completion degree programs. RRU also offers a broad selection of graduate certificate, graduate diploma and executive learning programs. Applied, real-world relevance and experience is the focus of all programs. This often entails research partnerships with communities, business, industry and the public sector.

Faculty at RRU are leaders in their fields who share a passion for teaching and learning and a commitment to creating a supportive learning environment that is challenging, collaborative and engaging. Royal Roads learners share a wealth of experience, a passion for learning, and a desire to be challenged. Royal Roads University has a core of full-time faculty and many seasoned professionals teaching courses as associate faculty members.

From our campus on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, RRU reaches out to the world with international partnerships and residency options. From here, we look forward to the needs of the global workplace and design programs that allow graduates to take their place in a challenging and changing world. At Royal Roads University we pride ourselves on being a Canadian university that is at home in the world. This has allowed to us to develop partnerships around the world. We are working with institutions in France, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Peru, Thailand, Uganda, New Zealand and Shanghai.

Royal Roads University takes education to the world and brings the world into our education. All our programs reflect a global perspective, a changing economy and a challenging world. Our innovative e-learning model allows people to pursue education from anywhere on the globe – and to do so without disrupting their careers. RRU’s campus is located in Hatley Park National Heritage Site in Victoria, British Columbia. This beautiful, oroyal_roads_university3.jpgceanside site reflects the richness and diversity of B.C.’s unique culture, environment, and history. In addition, some RRU programs and residencies are offered in other locations in British Columbia and around the world. In some cases, learners from our international programs join Canadian-based learners in on-line courses. In others, RRU learners have the option to spend a residency abroad. Further international partnerships are being explored as Royal Roads seeks to expand its global focus and offers its graduates the best in Canadian education – with an international perspective.

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