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Education is transformation. At Gordon, we take it personally. It is our privilege, not just our responsibility, to create unique academic, co-curricular and relational milestones in the lives of our students. The Gordon experience creates context for knowledge gained, provides opportunities to apply what is learned and refines a broader purpose—a vocation or calling—in each student’s life.

Mission -  Gordon College strives to graduate men and women distinguished by intellectual maturity and Christian character, committed to lives of service and prepared for leadership worldwide.

Our Mission: Timeless—and Timely
As a Christian institution, we retain a commitment to integrating faith and learning, a heritage once embraced by many institutions, such as our neighbor in Boston, Harvard University—the first institution of higher learning in the United States. Gordon also remains committed to the power of a liberal arts education to hone qualities most sought by employers—the ability to think holistically, reason analytically, communicate persuasively and—even more importantly—to act morally.

Our primary responsibility is to prepare students for the long haul, to make them spiritually, intellectually, relationally and professionally ready for a lifetime of growth—from the first job out of college and beyond, into fields not yet existing. In a time when individuals are likely to switch occupations (not just employers) over the course of a career, a strong liberal arts education offers flexibility and agility.

Our mission is the foundation of all we do as we inspire the next generation toward faithful leadership for the common good.

The Gordon Commission - This is the essence of our experience—to stretch the mind, deepen the faith and elevate the contribution that Gordon students and graduates make to the world around us.

Stretch the Mind
At Gordon, faith and knowledge are complementary, not contradictory.

We stretch the mind through a challenging education that is both broad and deep, and one that offers the freedom to ask and explore tough questions.

Deepen the Faith
What profits our young people to gain a degree and lose their soul?

We deepen the faith by integrating Christian beliefs and practice into all aspects of our educational experience. This is a vibrant community of believers, one where faith transforms us as individuals and collectively.

Elevate the Contribution
In the words of A. J. Gordon: “Service overflows from us.”

We elevate the contribution—to the common good, to our communities, to developing the next generation of Christian leaders—through programs and outreach that emphasize service over self and that span the globe.


Just ask any real estate agent—location is everything. Gordon’s location provides a perfect vista to experience the beauty of New England on the ocean, the proximity to the nation’s most important cities and the potential for global access and opportunity.

Boston is the global hub of higher education—this is where the world comes to study. Gordon College is strategically located in proximity of the cultural centers of education (Boston), finance (New York) and politics (Washington)—a region that sets the standard for the world. Boston also has a reputation as a leader in developing talent—which means greater opportunity for students who study here.

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