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Lasell College, founded in 1851, is an independent, non-sectarian institution of higher education located eight miles from Boston in Newton, Massachusetts. We are a comprehensive coeducational college offering professionally oriented bachelor's and master's degree programs.lasell_college1.jpg

Full-time enrollment at Lasell College has nearly doubled in the last six years with approximately 1,400 racially and ethnically diverse students, with 1,000 in residence. As a result, the College has focused aggressively on full-time faculty hiring. Future plans include additional masters degree programs and expanded undergraduate program offerings.

lasell_college2.gifLasell offers more than 25 academic majors. Connected Learning at Lasell College involves students directly and actively in the fields they are learning. In all majors, students explore real issues, events, problems, and solutions. Lasell College faculty are committed to creatively integrating challenging coursework with practical experience in an environment that fosters lifelong intellectual exploration, active citizenship and social responsibility.

Lasell College emphasizes learning by doing, or what it calls "connected learning" in all professional and liberal arts programs. In 2000, Lasell College opened Lasell Village, the first life-care retirement community with a mandatory academic requirement each year. Intergenerational collaborations between residents and traditional aged Lasell students are a central focus, and Lasell Village has become a model being studied by academic institutions all over the world. In response to the College's "connected learning" philosophy, successful applicants will demonstrate passion for a student-centered teaching environment and innovative, project-focused initiatives such as community service-learning. Productivity and currency in an academic discipline as well as commitment to college community involvement are priorities.


Lasell College is committed to increasing the diversity of the college community and the curriculum. Candidates who believe they will contribute to that goal are encouraged to apply.



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